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In this series, multiple actors recall historical events while they are drunk. As the actors narrate through the stories, the series shows a recreated scene of that particular historical event. This series starts with John Wilkes Booth’s story, and features more epic moments in history that are accurate. Aside from Drunk History, a show worthy to binge from our Best Shows On Hulu is The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why We Like It – Drunk History Review

Drunk History is a show where actors recall historical events while drunk. The show recreates these events as the actor narrates through it. This is a great show that teaches history in an entertaining way. By having drunk narrators, they tend to cut the excess parts of the story to focus on the most important aspects of them.

  • Accurate Historical Context
  • Entertaining History
  • There is no plot to follow


This series has a simple format. The narrators sip their alcohol as they recall historical events as best they can while the actors starring in the recreated scenes mimic the narrator’s words. We understand that history isn’t always the most entertaining to get into, so if this gets too boring feel free to watch Bob’s Burgers, a cartoon about a family’s fast food restaurant. Derek Waters started this show as a web series that was later picked up by Comedy Central.


The show tends to jump from one scene to another as the narrator recounts multiple historical events. A show that features more of a story is The Act. The historical events each have recreated scenes featuring many great actors. The dialogue strictly comes from the narrator, and never from characters in the flashbacks. As the narrators get more drunk, the storytelling gets lazier but funnier. Lastly, The show’s stories are all accurate and true, so it is both an entertaining and educational series that will teach someone a thing or two about history.


If you were looking for an easy way to gain some knowledge from history, Drunk History is the perfect show for you. This show reveals many stories that happened in real life, and the format is easy to follow. There is not much of a plot since the series tends to jump from one historical event to another. The geist is that the drunken narrators will recall the historical events in a simplified manner that is easy for viewers to digest.

Drunk History Review Wrap Up

Drunk History Is a show that has no real plot to follow. If you are looking for a plot to follow, Atlanta offers a great story about up and coming rappers. Every episode starts off at different points in time. As the narrators talk about historical events, the alcohol they drink helps them recall these events without using the extensive language you find in the history channel. This is the ideal history show for anyone that hates learning about history.

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