Anyone who has ever received a hand-written thank you note knows the value of hand-written letters vs. computer printed ones. But anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows just how tedious sending thank you notes can be to everyone that came to share in the joy of an open bar of your love. Writing all of those thank you cards by hand can quickly grow tiresome, but Bond is here to change that.

Bond is handwriting technology that allows people and businesses to send notes in handwriting — even their very own handwriting — breaking the typical mold of business fonts on impersonal, boring white paper. Unfortunately, the technology will cost users up to $499 — that is if they want to use a spruced up version of their own handwriting. There is, of course, a “free” option that allows potential users to choose out of a handful of handwritten fonts. It’s not 10 0% free though, as it still costs $2.99 per notecard sent. Still, Bond is simple to use, as all you need to do is type your note and submit it to Bond with an address (which can even be done from a smartphone). Then, Bond uses its calligraphy robots to write up your note.

But conceptually, Bond is a great idea. As someone that hates writing things by hand but appreciates the thought in doing so, I can see Bond being used frequently, barring any hiccups. Businesses love to use a handwritten font when sending corporate letters, but those are printed, not written with a pen. Bond’s added touch of using a pen is what makes it unique, and it could become quite the successful niche company if people get the word out. To request a sample from Bond, head to their official website.

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