8/Omakase Subscription Box Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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This past weekend a sudden invite popped in the inbox, asking me to dinner with the new VP of a major luxury automotive company who happened to be in town for a night. In a wash of panic, I rushed to my closet only to find with great anxiety that all my “A Game” gear was dirty. Desperately I dug through my hamper, hoping to find something salvageable. No dice.

Then I remembered a package I had received that morning as part of the 8/omakase review, a subscription box service that promised to deliver stylish, personally tailored clothing to my doorstep. I opened the box to find a matching checkered navy button-down shirt, tie and slacks, all perfectly fitted to my dimensions. Also, a Steve Zissou-like maroon wool beanie for good measure. It was like a gift from the heavens, I kid you not. With the help of a watch, shoes and tie clip I was ready to go — frankly dressed sharper and with better coordination than if I’d had my best outfit ready. For those who want to subscribe to a streaming service, check our post on the best streaming services.

How it Works

Here’s how it works: once you sign up for 8/omakase they’ll send you a welcome package with measuring tape so you can gather all your correct measurements (or you can get the digits from your tailor). You enter the numbers into your account page, and fill out a quick questionnaire of exactly what you’re looking for from your monthly box: do you prefer classic business suits that would look good on Don Draper, or more stylized gear that Pharrell might rock to a meeting with his marketing team? Did you need to pimp up your business meeting uniform, or are you more looking for sharp evening attire that you could wear to the hotel rooftop soiree?

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What’s Different

8:Omakase Review
A hands on review of the 8:Omakase subscription box.

And that level of tailoring and customization is where 8/omakase separates itself from the glut of other menswear subscription boxes. I’ve subscribed to several Subscription Box Services in the past, and sometimes the clothes were quite nice, even if sometimes they missed the mark. But the fit… the fit was always close, but no cigar.

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What makes 8/omakase refreshingly different is just how well the clothes were tailored to my body. I’d worried that maybe I hadn’t measured something correctly, misunderstood where I was supposed to start the tape. But when I slipped on the shirt, the fit was impeccable. I don’t have a particularly thick neck (at least I don’t think I do), but for some reason many shirts choke my carotid arteries whenever I button to the top for a tie. Many times I even get light-headed. But when I buttoned up the 8/omakase shirt I was thrilled — and more importantly, relieved — to discover that the neck size was perfect. No restriction of blood or oxygen to my brain, and the shirt tapered slim to my waist.

Same with the pants: perfectly snug to my legs without looking stretched out, or worse too loose. And the length was spot on. And both offered nice detailing without being ostentatious, including different material on the inside of the collar.

How Often 8/omakase Will Arrive

8omakase Flats8/omakase will deliver two such packages per quarter ($300) to your door, brimming with handpicked items crafted in Italy, Egypt, Australia, Thailand and America. But as the name suggests, you don’t pick what they send you — rather, you put your faith in their team to select you stuff you’d like. And wear. Like in sushi, where you order “omakase” and let the chef select the best of what he has behind the counter, with 8/omakase you put that same faith in their team of stylists.

At least this past weekend, that faith in the 8/omakase team was fortified. I might have even looked sharper than my luxury car VP, which never would’ve happened if I had chosen my outfit.

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