15 New Netflix Titles For November, Includes Skyfall, Olympus Has Fallen and Red Dawn (list)

It’s always exciting to see new Netflix titles, especially when they’re movies you’ve been wanting to watch! For the month of November, Netflix is now streaming some of the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and they’ve added some great movie titles, some that were recently in theaters only months ago! As you gear up for the hectic holiday season that’s approaching, take some time to relax with some of these titles.

TV Shows

16. Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Aziz Ansari

The Netflix comedy special showcases funny man Aziz Ansari as he makes you laugh with his views on adulthood, babies, marriage, love and more in the modern era as he’s filmed live in Philadelphia.

15. Chuck: The Complete Series


If you’re looking for a new series to get into, then check out Chuck. It’s about a computer genus who is an underachiever who works at an electronics store with other slacker pals. But life is altered when he accidentally downloads top-secret data into his brain and becomes a government asset.

14. Leverage: The Complete Series


The TNT original drama will keep you wanting more! Backed by a staff of thieves and hackers, former insurance investigator Nate Ford busts a complete 180 on the corporate and government entities he used to protect.

13. The Killing: Season 3

the killing

Catch up on everything you missed on one of AMC’s most popular shows about the the drama that follows when the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is found in the trunk of a submerged car, causing a police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayoral campaign to all interlock.

12. Sister Wives: Season 4 (available 11/13)

sister wives

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a polygamous relationship? The TV show Sister Wives will give you a peak into the controversial lifestyle.

11. Glee: Season 4 (available 11/30)


Catch up on your favorite musical show now that Season 4 is now available!


10. Flight


If you never caught this epic drama, here’s your chance! Denzel Washington plays an airline pilot who was able to land a damaged passenger plane and is praised for his feat. But the  government’s inquiry into the causes soon puts the new hero’s reputation at risk.

9. Sharknado


The SciFi channel’s hilarious and highly anticipated original stars D-list celebs like Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. It’s about a freak hurricane that destroys LA and sweeps up thousands of sharks and deposits them all over the city.

8. Skyfall (available 11/9)


Catch up on the latest James Bond flick as Daniel Craig reprises the iconic role.When a threat is after MI6, James Bond is ready to go! But secrets arise from M’s past and strain his loyalty to his longtime boss.

7. Red Dawn (available 11/22)

red dawn

Starring Chris Hemsworth, this action flick drama is about a group of teens who eludes capture when a North Korean military force invades US soil and organize a resistance.

6. Robot & Frank (available 11/10)

robot and frank

An aging father is given a humanoid robot from his children that’s programmed to be his caretake. At first he’s reluctant, bt soon warms up to his new helper and makes him a partner in crime in his old cat burglar ways.

5. My Week with Marilyn (available 11/23)

my week with marilyn

While filming in England, Marilyn Monroe seeks out the friendship of a young Brit for a week of self-discovery and fun. It’s based on real-life memories from  Colin Clark’s memoirs who used to be an assistant to  Sir Laurence Olivier.

4. Starbuck


A slacker’s life disturbed when he finds out that his many sperm donations has given him more than 500 kids, with 100 of them looking for their real father.

 3. Olympus Has Fallen


The action thriller stars Gerard Butler who is a disgraced Secret Service agent who comes to the rescue when Korean terrorists threaten the White House, taking the president hostage.

2. The English Teacher

the english teacher

Julianne Moore plays a small-town English teacher who wants love. When a former student comes back to town, love and controversy arises with the two.

1. The Host

the host

An alien parasite invades Diane Kruger’s character Melanie Stryder’s body and she resists the takeover, but they soon become allies and go on a quest to track down the men they love.

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