8 Reasons Why Amazon Prime is Worth $99 (list)

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Prime Cost
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4 Comments to 8 Reasons Why Amazon Prime is Worth $99 (list)

  1. Amazon has lost me as a customer after deciding to sign me up for amazon prime and charging me $99. This is such bullshit- I’ve been on the phone with Paypal all morning to get this bogus charge removed.

  2. Totally agree with the above two user reviews. Amazon prime might be ok for someone who has to make transaction in thousands of dollar to rationalize the 2 day free shipping (which actually take 3 to 4 days). If I am not interested to get the video and audio service, then there isn’t much left to do. I generally use torrent for my downloading. So the above article looks like a paid article, other no one in their sane mind would agree with it.

  3. Congratulations on landing a job as a reviewer for Amazon. Please check out the real costs of Amazon video, most of the movies cost, some over 15.00 for a single viewing and seasons of series cost over 20.00 in many cases. Free 2 day shipping (actually takes 3 or many more) is offered on all qualifying items for orders in excess of 25.00. I have to ask, what is your point, when people look into the service they will know the truth. BTW Amazon also charges more for many items if you have Prime.

  4. Re: reason #2. F&c’ing politicians? This is the kind of language a hack would use on his personal blog. It’s not suitable for a legitimate website. Strive for excellence, man.

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