Thinking About Buying a 4K TV? Check Out this 4K TV Price Comparison

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Jeff Chabot has a background in web development and design, as well as working in broadcast television as a studio engineer, lighting director and editor. He frequently writes about technology, broadcasting, digital entertainment, and the internet.

4 Comments to Thinking About Buying a 4K TV? Check Out this 4K TV Price Comparison

  1. This chart misses a few things that are very important in how TVs perform and look, including Dynamic Contrast ratio (the higher the ratio, the more radiant and colorful the TV) and Refresh rate (240Hz > 120Hz > 60Hz). People might just look at this and get the cheap Seiki, even though the quality is inferior.

    • bournedead

      I agree Tim. But we had to draw the line somewhere. The chart is really just to compare prices and major specs. Given most models support 3D, except for the Seiki, the refresh rates are 120Hz are higher. That would have been the next spec I would put in. Then probably contrast ratio. Maybe there is a call for another chart!

  2. ahmedreda1

    I have no problem being an early adopter by there is absolutely ZERO 4k content to speak of. Why would I shell those prices just to upscale 1080p content. I would rather watch 1080p content natively on my current tv / projector. Only upside I can think of is that if they can display full 1080p passive 3d but I am not sure if they do or not.

    • Espen Ekeroth

      Quite a few of us out there also uses the screens for computers and game consoles – and can therefore use the full 4k. I wonder if any of these can split the screen into 2 or 4 pictures? like half and half TV and PC

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