Verizon Throttles Netflix

Oh look here’s something horribly unsurprising. It seems some folks who are using Verizon as their Internet service provider, feel that the mighty mobile monstrosity is putting the pinch on bandwidth when a user streams content from Netflix. If this is true… For shame, Verizon!
This hoopla was catalyzed on the Verizon user forums where some have made claims their ‘net performance takes a nosedive while streaming movies and such from media steaming king Netflix. Supposedly no changes whatsoever were made on the part of the disgruntled users. So the new choke-hold on bandwidth is likely hitting from the ISP level.

The suspicions of the nefarious on the part of Verizon is technically valid. The company does own 50% of Redbox, the video rental program where user can pull movie DVD and Blu-Ray discs from a vending machine like you would a Snickers candy bar. Redbox and Netflix are stiff competitors so it’s very likely Verizon is trying to compete in any way they can.┬áThat’s the speculation. Here’s what Network World breaks down the technical side of things happening behind the scenes,

A recent GigaOm report discusses Verizon’s “peering” practices, which involves the exchange of traffic between two bandwidth providers. When peering with bandwidth provider Cogent starts to reach capacity, Verizon reporedly isn’t adding any ports to meet the demand, Cogent CEO Dave Schaffer told GigaOm.

“They are allowing the peer connections to degrade,” Schaffer told GigaOm. “Today some of the ports are at 100 percent capacity.”

Verizon is not the first or the last to pull such dastardly shenanigans. Broadband, cable and telephone service provider, Comcast is arguably the trendsetting in IPS throttling practices. They have been known to throttle BitTorrent traffic, specific websites and more. Moreover, AT&T, Verizon, TWC have all been throttle culprits when it comes to Youtube traffic. But there are several fixes around the interweb. Where there’s a will…

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