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Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters and is one of the highest grossing movies thanks to the millions of movie goers and fans going to check out the action flick this past weekend. To commemorate the summer blockbuster’s success, here are a couple of awesome homemade Iron Man suits that should inspire your next Halloween costume (because store-bought ones are so unoriginal).

10. Realistic Iron Man Suit

DIY Iron Man Suit

This pretty good-looking suit is made by a 17-year-old fan, who really got his suit to look realistic. It’s created by Archie Whitehead from London and is made out of foam if you can believe.

9. Original Iron Man Suit

og iron man suit

Remember back in the first movie, when Tony Stark makes his Iron Man suit in a cave while he’s a prisoner? Well here’s a homemade version of that OG suit! It took about three months to complete and only cost the builder about $450 to make!

8. Real Life Iron Man Suit


This suit looks pretty menacing, like even more than the original…maybe because of the huge weapon sticking out of its back!

7. Steampunk Iron Man

steampunk iron man

This is an interesting spin in an Iron Man costume since it features Steampunk elements. But nevertheless, it’s still a noteworthy homemade creation!

6. Iron Man’s Double

Iron man and friend

This is a pretty damn good replica of Iron Man’s suit! The guy even has others fooled into thinking he’s the real deal and is already taking fan pics! It looks pretty good, too, considering it’s made from cardboard. It’s made by Mark Pearson, who spent 14 months building the replica suit from household items like an ashtray and 400 sheets of fiberglass-covered cardboard.

5. Iron Man Fist Pump

Iron Man Fist Pump

This guy has the costume and the moves down to par! The homemade costume features a chest-mounted flashlight, which was created by Andrew Le.

4. Iron Man’s Closet

iron man costume aresenal

The owner of these Iron Man suits must either LOVE the movie or be obsessed with robotic costumes since they’re obviously collecting them. This was an entry for an online costume contest and looks like this guy really wanted to win so he provided multiple entries that look really good (and probably took lots of man hours to complete).

3. Iron Mans Sans Mask

Iron Man without the mask

This guy did a pretty good job on his Iron Man suit...except he forgot the mask. It took Ted Gorzkowskis nine months to complete his masterpiece and even created arc reactors out of hundreds of LEDs.

2. Average Joe Iron Man

Average Iron Man Suit

This guy decided to take his Halloween costume into his own hands and decided to build himself an average Joe Iron Man suit. He was obviously too buys making his suit to clean his home. This pic was taken for Gizmodo’s Halloween costume submission contest and looks pretty authentic.

1. Aluminum Iron Man

Aluminum Iron Man

Check out the details on this aluminum Iron Man as it rides the bus to somewhere. Guess his turbo boosters weren’t working that day. It’s made by¬†John Bekkensten who sculpted for movies like Braveheart and more. It took him too years to build using fiber glass and plastic.

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