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Space is it really the final frontier? I mean, the world’s oceans seem unending in their ability to surprise and befuddle with new areas, new depths and new marine life to uncover. However, your living “space”, while not the final frontier, it is often seen as one’s ultimate resting ground. We earthlings spend countless hours decorating and stress-proofing our homes to hopefully instill a sense of tranquility and calm. But when that tranquility is broken by invading armies of in-laws, house guests and seemingly alien spawn of the adolescent variety, it’s time to send in the sacrificial “red shirts”. Or you could just do what this guy did and chance are few will find your home comfortable enough to invade.

Tony Alleyne of Britain is no ordinary Trekkie. I don’t know what you call this, short of astonishing commitment. Mr. Alleyne converted his apartment in the guise of the legendary Star Trek Enterprise. The tech seems to be more modeled after the Next Generation’s Galaxy or Sovereign classes of the Starship Enterprise (Of which I am just guessing and have no way watched every episode ever created). Regardless, the level of detail is uncanny.

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Shawn Sanders

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