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RUSH, the Niki Lauda biopic is almost here and we can all take a gander via the trailer up yonder. Seen it? Good! Ok let’s talk. I love fast cars and a good “perseverance-triumphs-over-all” story, fueled with sex and action. But was Luda’s story really this ham-filled? I don’t know. Maybe it was. The trailer infers, the target movie series to beat is the similarly bro-filled Fast and Furious series.

The rivalry between Australian 2-time  Grand Prix champion Niki Lauda and Monaco Grand Prix Champion James Hunt of Britain,  is the stuff of Formula 1 legends. It’s perfect for  a movie. The risks that were taken weighed against the stakes… These were the genetically altered gladiators of 70s automotive engineering, that were being driven. The cojones needed to man these machine make for typical Hollywood iconography of heroism.  Yet these boys and the business of speed of which they seemingly toyed with so callously, is a rich tapestry to pull from. I’m not saying the movie will be more of the same from the often hollow-Hollywood. Yet I was hoping for more depth as a lure in its promotion than what’s shown above. That said, count me in! “Two for RUSH, please.”

Shawn Sanders

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