Apple TV vs. Roku 3 (comparison)

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14 Comments to Apple TV vs. Roku 3 (comparison)

  1. From all the comments below and also a die-hard streaming tv user:
    Apple: locked into it’s own proprietary formats and devices
    Roku: Anything to anything

    I have Win machines, XBOX with and without XBMC, SmartTV, PS3 and Android devices. They all connect to each other with no hassles. Beats proprietary formats any time.

  2. Do either have some sort of internal browser program or do you connect IPAD or laptop to it and browze from there?

  3. I’m looking forward to performing my own head-to-head comparison between Roku3 and AppleTV… I bought the Roku3 a few months ago and I should be getting an AppleTV thanks to Pepsi (Iconic Summer contest). I will be using the AppleTV on the same system my PS3 is connected to. I’m not a big fan of the PS3’s GUI, but it at least does Amazon Instant Video (which I use almost as much as Netflix). I have contemplated PURCHASING an AppleTV because of AirPlay, but considering that is the ONLY reason, I couldn’t justify the expense. Thankfully now, I don’t have to pay for it.

    • I was wondering what you thought Ron once you compared the two. Still stuck on which once to buy. I have an IPhone and IPAD. I have use ITUNES for all my music and I have lots that I want to stream to my TV and I want to be able to stream basic channels like ABC and Sports stuff mostly with a movie form HULU or NETFLIX every so often. I love the RoKU3 and would probably get it but not sure how it will work for all my photos, UTUB Videos and ITUNEs streaming. Any suggestions

  4. J. Frank Parnell

    And still no mention of the ability to mirror from an Ipad/Iphone/Macbook to the Apple TV. This feature in my mind puts the Roku at a severe disadvantage.

    • Completely agree. I gave up trying to convert all my movies and tv shows to iTunes format for import when I found how easy it was to play absolutely any format through Airplay via my MacBooks’ VLC player. A click of an icon and it all comes up on my TV with my MacBook becoming the ultimate remote that absolutely plays EVERYTHING.

      I would like to try out the Roku 3 one day for my mum as she doesn’t have a MacBook nor is she all that technical. However I will have to wait until they release one that is not limited to the US 110V power standards.

  5. Chris C.

    For me, this was a helpful review.

    The reviews here give me more perspective on how the only type of person as annoying as a psycho Apple devotee is a die-hard anti-Apple psycho. I’m not a huge Apple fan, but I do admire what they do well and give them props for it.

  6. Also forgot to mention it is MUCH harder playing media with different DRM on an apple tv. They lock you into apple store for a reason. Roku allows a lot more freedom. Was this written on an iPad, uploaded and edited on an iMac, and then you called a friend to tell them your post was online via an iPhone?

  7. How are they a tie?

    You said yourself, the Roku’s hardware is basically the same…oh, except for the fact it has both MicroSD AND a USB port. In what universe is that a tie?

    Why the hell does Apple “win hands down” on their remote? You forgot to mention the Roku’s has a headphone jack, a real game controller, AND it’s a Wii-style wand for gaming, AND it’s still an incredibly simple, easy to use remote (unlike the *over* simplified Apple remote that’s actually harder to use). The Apple TV remote is a joke in comparison by any sane measure.

    Apple’s ONLY advantage, if you can call it that, is Airplay. Never mind that between Plex and PlayTo you can stream ANY format from ANY computer, tablet, or phone to a Roku. Completely unlike Apple’s very strict and limited format list with Airplay.

    When the dust has settled the Apple TV offers a fraction of the value of a Roku at the same price point.

    • OK, we get it….you don’t like Apple. But at least slow down and read the article. Which did NOT say that “Apple wins hands down on their remote.” Only on simplicity. Not overall.

      • William Mack

        Byron also left out that I changes channels on command, He doesn’t even have to touch his click.

      • I love APple: have been using only their computers (and later phones) for as long as they have existed. And I cannot see how I would possibly buy an Apple TV over a Roku (a decision I’m making now). They both come close on many features… except the content options on the Roku should add about 20 points in the final “5 vs 5″ comparison. When one smashes the other in one category, how does that give it a mere one point?

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