There are about 19 U.S. states that have legalized the use of the cannabis, “grass,” “purp,” “Sinsemilla,” “chronic,” “cest,” “trees,” “wacky-tabacky,” “Professor Green,” “Fire,” “Bud,” or “dope” as my mother still calls it. Whatever your choice of endearing term for the green stuff might be, it has been approved at the state level for medicinal use across nearly half of these United States. But possession and distribution remain criminal offenses to the Feds, especially when you reach large quantities that are clearly evidenced with the intent to sell and or distribute.

So when U.S. authorities patrolling along the Mexican border in California began confiscating large packages of “drugs” weighing as much as 13kilos, the packages tipped off the officials and indicated a possibility that the packages were being fired from across the border by unknown means. On Tuesday police in the city of Mexicali obtained a makeshift cannon. The cannon was constructed from a plastic pipe and an old car engine which used compressed air to powerfully fire the drug-laden cannon balls from Mexico into U.S. territory.

The Guardian UK reports, the Mexican police along the same border have confiscated several similarly functioning devices recently over the years. The ingenuity and engineering skills of some criminals is amazing. If only you could use your powers for good. Hmm… Shooting the green coal that powered Bob Marley’s favorite pastime into the stress-filled US-of-A … I guess the jury will forever remain hung on whether these folks are villains or cannon-building herbal superheroes championing the abolishment of human stress through green smoke. Or maybe one of those packages landed in my coffee this morning.

Shawn Sanders

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