The rumor mill is a churning again and in its muddle intrigue ferments like fine wine begging to be supped. This time what plummets down the grapevine are whispers from the house that Steve built. It seems Cupertino is gaining a new resident–but not a big one. Ye’ olde Apple TV is about to have a little brother…again. We already have a couple of Apple TV models running around the play yard. So what’s up with this new upstart?

Mac Rumors has caught wind of a FCC filing stating there is an AppleTV in the works with an even further reduced stature. The is model no. A1469. This version of the media streaming, iCloud-loving device is said to be 93.78 square millimeters. That’s not much smaller than the current smallest at 98 square mm. That’s from the 3rd generation which launched in March of 2012.

It’s all interesting stuff. Wake us when Apple coughs ups some software details. Apple TV is cool and all but it’s pretty limited in functionality. The closed and unfriendly to 3rd party-applications stance bars it from being a true mini home media center. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have the clout and the deep pockets to muscle in on the TV market in a more profound way.

Shawn Sanders

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