The world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises is in a couple of days and Warner Brothers and DC Comics have released information on an upcoming documentary devoted to Batman’s awesome ride! The iconic Batmobile has transcended comic books, TV shows, and several movies, and The Batmobile Documentary will highlight Batman’s main vehicle and its many transformations over the years. The documentary was announced during this past weekend’s Comic Con in San Diego and the official trailer for the documentary was released. It’ll highlight those who made the Batmobile a real-life possibility, from the 1960s’ television series to the most recent trilogy by director Christopher Nolan. Directors Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher, as well as Christian Bale and Adam West, along with George Barris, the car customizer who built the 1966 Batmobile. It’ll also go into detail about the importance of the vehicle and all six of its incarnations. The documentary will drop later this year during the holiday season as part of The Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray box set.

Kristie Bertucci

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