MOG vs Spotfiy (Comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

24 Comments to MOG vs Spotfiy (Comparison)

  1. Have used both extensively and much prefer MOG. The way Spotify organizes albums into playlists on the mobile app and lists them chronologically by when you downloaded them is a real pain for those of us who listen to albums in the conventional sense. Sooooo many clicks just to download an album!!!! The MOG app is perfectly logical in this sense though the queue does get annoying to manage. Also, I have heard that Spotify has not even come close to converting all their music to 320k, and we just take their word for it? Maybe I can’t always tell the difference between 160k and 320k, but if I’m paying money I’ll go with the service that has had a commitment to sound quality from the beginning. I could even see MOG UPGRADING their content to higher than “320k quality” (FLAC?) as bandwidth becomes less of an issue over time (though I’ve heard nothing about it). I’ve also heard MOG pays artists more money for their work. The downside is EVERYONE uses Spotify, so if you post an album or playlist on Facebook or elsewhere people are like “huh?” But if the point is music (and I believe it is) then MOG is the clear winner for me.

  2. Mike_Pemulis

    MOG is better; virtually the entire comments section agrees. I subscribe to both only because most websites I visit have site-integration with Spotify (if I made a pros-cons list for both services, this would be Spotify’s only pro). I am both a music nut and audiophile. Articles like this scare me because it supports the current market consensus – in other words, right now Spotify is by far the more popular music app on iTunes. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I worry that people will see this article and not give MOG a chance. I don’t see it happening soon, but if enough people continue to choose Spotify over MOG, the companies could merge the two or worse, just get rid of MOG all together. I don’t want to see that happen because I truly believe that MOG is so much better than Spotify that it’s not even a close call. The biggest thing MOG has, aside from hosting listenable music, is it’s “Just for You” section, it’s “Editor’s Picks,” and its “Featured Playlists,” made by famous musicians or regular users which updates more than once a week. This means that there is ALWAYS something new to listen to, either that is critically received, is recommended by an artist I admire, or is based on my favorites and music I’ve told them I like. Not only that, but it looks better too and is more intuitivene, IMO.

  3. you miss one of the main advantages of MOG over Spotify, There’s a much bigger library of available recordings. I love classical music and for this MOG is really superior. And it does sound better. I love both. Each has its advantages.

  4. You have the option to set spotify to 320 for streaming and for synched content on at least the ipad and the iphone. I absolutely love the soundrop app for listening for friends on spotify!

    • scott784

      There is something missing from these reviews!! When a listener wants streaming music for in-house only (versus mobile), MOG actually beats Spotify out! How you might ask? Well, both services allow unlimited streaming for PC and MAC at the $4.99 price plan. However, not only does MOG offer the highest bit stream quality for all tier level pricing plans, they ALSO allow you to stream music via Roku or other devices into a stereo receiver. Spotify does NOT allow this option. Their lower tier $4.99 is only for PC and MAC with no other household devices allowed unless the listener upgrades to the $9.99/mo plan. Since I only wanted a streaming music service to listen on my new receiver….along with my PC, MOG was the clear winner on the price!! Why should I pay $9.99 a month for Spotify when I can get what I need on MOG for $4.99/mo? Plus, I enjoy 320 kbps on everything whereas with Spotify, you have to upgrade to the $9.99 plan to even get that. There is no doubt about it. When you look at every aspect of what the price plans offer, MOG beats Spotify!

  5. Adam Briggs

    I came to this article because I’m I’m thinking about switching to MOG from big green. I have loved spotify except for the lack of filtering your saved music. They allow you to only save playlist which means that once you get 50+ playlist like I do you have to scroll through a chronological list. I’m on the free trial of MOG and love that I can filter down by Artists, Albums, Songs, and Play lists. This is a HUGE plus for me and I’m surprised that the author didn’t mention it.

  6. If the point of a music subscription is music, MOG wins hands down based on sound quality. Anyone can hear the difference. If the point of a music subscription is whether it looks nice on an ipad, or works well on Facebook, well…………….. guess you don’t care that much about the music.

    • The attached screenshot is of spotify running on the iPad you will notice you can select 320 for streaming and/or synced content. This is not a new feature and although my sim is currently in my cell hotspot device I can assure you that the feature doesn’t magically disappear.

      • That is true you can play and even download at 320 kbps. I have a HTC One X with Beats audio and think that spotify is a lot better then Mog

  7. Since when is Spotify one device at a time? The reason I left MOG is because I have been able to stream, download and listen on several devices at once with spotify. My daughter on her Ipod, myself on my android and as all my laptops.. unless its not meant to work that way? t

    • gadgetreview

      Todd you must have a special account ;), because I can only do one stream at a time, even with my Sonos setup. Flip on Sonos while Spotify is streaming on my phone, and the last playback source “steals” it.

      • Happens to me too. Usually the device that gets kicked has a notification that its paused because my account is being used in another place. I am a Premium paying member. The only way to get around it is to download your playlists and then enter offline mode. Devices in offline mode don’t register on their servers so you can play as much as you want with it in offline mode. Just seems like you loose the best feature of Spotify doing that.

        Even Spotify’s more popular tracks seem not so 320 Kbps, which makes MOG really cool. I can’t decide if I want to make the move. Maybe i’ll pay for both one month to see which I like better. MOG is attractive other than the fact I have all my extensive playlists on Spotify and I hear the Android app for MOG isn’t very good.

  8. Dangertroy

    MOG, however, is an audiophile’s dream streaming service since its offers streaming at up to 320kbps all the time.”

    An audiophile’s dream service would be actual CD quality, ie streaming FLAC or better. Something like HDtracks, with a streaming option, even though bandwidth wise thats probably not viable right now.

  9. The big difference for me? MOG, more than one connection at a time. Spotify?One connection at a time. At our home, with Mom,Dad, and three college aged kids, MOG wins hands down. If Spotify ever allows more than one connection at a time we would give it a try.

    • MOG does not allow more than one connection at a time, unless those other devices are set in “offline mode” Just email and ask them. I just left them last week because everytime I logged in on one device it kicked the others off.

  10. EvolvedApe

    LOL! Random tests show that Spotify is nowhere near the “99%” mark for 320k streaming. The writer above must be listening on their computer monitor speakers.

    When I tried it a few months ago, Spotify seemed to stream the majority of the music I tested at 160k, even on a desktop, and the difference between Spotify’s 160k and Mog’s 320k is very noticeable.

    Also, Spotify’s catalog seems to have too many covers (basically karaoke versions), so their vast numbers of music tracks are rather meaningless. A good example of the difference between the two is to check out their respective Pink Floyd catalogs.

    Overall, because of the sound quality difference, there is no contest: Mog is better by a mile.

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