Netflix vs Redbox (comparison)

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Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

9 Comments to Netflix vs Redbox (comparison)

  1. The only way Netflix wins is definitely for the documentaries, but I probably just watched a very depressing one called “Hot Girls Wanted” I almost was in shock and started not appreciating society.. But whatever pays the bills? I digress.

  2. I would give it to netflix. Redbox disc are cheep you get about a 50/50 that they will actually play once you get them home. Also there customer Care does not care about your time spent getting a bad disc. even when you report the issue to help someone else out not to get the same disk..

  3. I like Netflix because they carry a lot of great documentaries as well as independent films. Redbox carries a lot of violent flicks which are so tiring after awhile.

  4. To me it seems like Netflix loses because their selection of movies was so limited. Overall they have a million more titles, but its mostly crap titles that I would never watch, except for the copious amounts of documentaries. LOVE being able to drive down the street to get a movie immediately. My neighborhood is pretty remote and we have 4 Redbox machines within a half mile.

  5. Netflix easily wins in price also if you just watch 7 or more movies in a month…
    As far as speed that can’t be given to redbox either, since you have VOD that you don’t even need to leave your house(unless you don’t have internet).
    Quality I would slightly lean towards netflix. I have myself gotten discs out of redbox that were in rather poor condition and calling yes they did give me a credit for a free rental but netflix I never once ran into a quality issue.

    • That’s such B.S. I’ve had soo many issues with Netflix’s CD, please don’t even go there, they send out the wrong dvd’s sometimes and some get lost in the mail. Who watchs 10 movies a month? In the long wrong Netflix is not the answer unless u have plenty of free time to watch 2-3 movies a week. Please redbox is the answer.

  6. Orange1apc

    Good article, but I think you’re a little off when it comes to price.

    With netflix you can pull roughly 8 rentals a month on avg (closer to 9 but I’ll round down) for a flat rate or 7.99 mo.  Plus your not spending any gas money getting/returning the dvd (bluray is an even better deal).  ***Netflix has a new disc at my door every 3 days on avg. ymmv***

    If you’re not the kind of person who will watch your new netflix movie on the same day it arrives then it’s closer to a “tie”.  Otherwise it’s a win for netflix.

    I would love to see them combine, with the kiosks being used only for the newest releases.


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