Tron: Legacy Review

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Tron Legacy
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

2 Comments to Tron: Legacy Review

  1. sorry but I loved tron legacy, it is a true testament to the original. I certainly can't wait for part 3 and plenty of people feel the same :). Problem is this is a fun movie but not mindless, yet you decided to nit pick at every possible “flaw”. The way I see it is this is more of a bridge to something much grander in scale. Setting up the pieces down to the strategic placement of Cillian Murphy as Dillenger's son and the villain in the future this was a great film to see and I highly recommend it to any fan of the original TRON.

    • I’m a fan of the original TRON, and I agree with most of what’s in this review. I’m glad you liked it though. 

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