Gadget Rumor: Hulu On Xbox 360?

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8 Comments to Gadget Rumor: Hulu On Xbox 360?

  1. Actually, in an attempt to quell the stench resonating from your collective panties, I did get KillZone 2 today from GameFly and look forward to playing it.

  2. Thanks for the riled up comments! Navigating the PS3 browser sure, but I have both systems and would rather see it on Xbox Live. Hmmm.. how will this fare? PS3 is great for Blu Ray, while Xbox 360 is great for games? Stay pissed!

  3. i have a ps3 i wish i had hulu that would be sick. lol are you for real l use my ps3 for hulu all the time unlike 360 ps3 has a full web browser. ohh yeah and the best game line up when will u xbots learn to do ur homework before u put garbage on the net. lol at the coffin statement brings me back to 2007.

  4. LMFAO I use my ps3 for hulu all the time for the last year I have been doing this. Was this artical a joke or are you for real lol anyway thanks for the laugh, havent seen a ps3 cofin story in forever nice to see fanboys still run blogs so terrible.

  5. LMAO Did you forget that the PS3 has a robust web browser which you have been able to view Hulu on for ages?

  6. Mornelithe

    That’s one heck of a coffin, 22.3 million units large. Sounds like someone is rejecting reality and attempting to substitute their own. Glad to see people still blindly following a company that puts out such wonderfully reliable pieces of hardware as the 360. Enjoy it, I’ll be enjoying all of your ‘exclusive’ games, at 10x the resolution, on my PC ;)

    And, all the 1st party PS3 games on my PS3.


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