Ahh, when the mailbox is just too far to walk these days.  And mine’s attached to my house!  Only in America.  With a 45% 4th quarter revenue increase amidst poor economic conditions, Netflix is beginning to cultivate buying power with the all major movie studios that will have a direct impact on “Streaming” titles.

As the Netflix “Watch Instantly’ service rapidly gains ground on the “Mailed” DVD portion of service, it’s likely that we will soon see first run movies in HD across all streaming platforms.  And with the inclusion of the new TIVO service, the LG Broadband TV, Xbox 360, Roku, Boxee, and everything else, soon enough there may not be a need to receive mailed DVD’s at all.  But hey, I’m happy with the way it is now, otherwise I would have never watched “Shrooms”!


Jeff B