PodfitnessReady to turn that iPod of yours into a lean, mean, fat burning machine? Yeah, nor am I. But in case you are, podfitness.com is launching a personal trainer service this month for your iPod.

The service, which launches March 21, plans on giving you unlimited, customized personal taining sessions a month. The sessions will incorporate your own music and be customized based on your goals, current level, and available equipment. Or straight from podfitness.com’s mouth:

Podfitness creates downloadable, individualized, personalized audio workouts based on your goals and the equipment you have available. Just log in to www.podfitness.com and create your account, answer some simple questions about your fitness goals, and we’ll create a custom workout for you. You choose the trainer, style, and music. Your Podfitness coach steps you through your entire workout, tells you what to do, counts your reps, and keeps you moving, all while you listen to your music!

Watch out personal trainers, this seems a whole lot cheaper.

Podfitness Web Site

Christen Costa

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