Vizio D70U-D3 Review

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Updated January 17, 2023
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If you’re looking for the best smart TV that prefers size over quality, then the Vizio D70U-D3 has a few questions. Featuring a high refresh rate of 120Hz, in addition to a low input lag and motion blur, the Vizio D70 D3 fits its limited features into a huge, 70-inch screen. Is it worth the asking price? How does it stack up against the best TVs? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Vizio D70U-D3

Sporting a few key features, like a high refresh rate and low input lag, the Vizio D70U-D3 is fitted with good specs for general use, in addition to decent picture quality.

  • Screen size is 70-inches
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Low motion blur
  • Performance is below its price


First things first: resolution. The Vizio D70U-D3 is sporting 1080p, which is fine for most viewing experiences. However, stretching that over a 70-inch screen can and will lower the picture quality. It’s decent otherwise. On a TCL 32S327 Roku, 1080p looks much better.

For a full array LED TV, its local dimming is rather poor. Blooming is very apparent—especially viewing subtitles over dark areas. What the Vizio D70U-D3 does best are refresh rate and input lag. Capped at 120Hz, this will go quite nicely with gaming, and Clear Action technology lessens motion blur. This does come at the cost of slightly higher input lag, though it’s nearly unnoticeable.

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Design and style are pretty standard, albeit cheap looking considering most of it is made of plastic. The bezels are about half an inch, so they’ll be notified if that’s a problem for you. The screen is 70-inches which is wide. However, viewing angles aren’t the greatest and tend to dip greatly in performance at around 35 degrees. Supporting the TV are two V-shaped legs, though it does support VESA mounting. For another 70-inch TV with a similar design, read our LG UN7370 review.

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Is the Vizio D70U-D3 worth $1000? Taking into consideration its overall performance and design, that would be a hard “no.” Not even its super-simple Vizio Internet Apps PLUS interface can justify it, whereas the Toshiba 43LF711U20’s interface is smoother and voice-controlled.

It simply doesn’t have the features to support such a high price. If we were tossing $1000 down onto a smart TV, it would be one with 4K and perhaps HDR; the Vizio D70U-D3 has neither. If budget is a concern, you’re getting bang for your buck with the 4K Insignia NS-50DF710NA19.

Vizio D70U-D3 Wrap Up

The Vizio D70U-D3 is, quite frankly, an average smart TV. Being able to quickly switch between entertainment venues like Netflix and YouTube is great, but the performance surrounding it is not. Sure, it’s 70-inches, has a 120Hz refresh rate, and low motion blur and input lag. But through 1080p resolution? Vizio is asking for more than this smart TV is worth.

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