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If you’re looking for one of the best curved TVs on the market, take another look at the Spectre TV. It’s a budget-friendly curved TV that will drop you right into the action. Although it’s not a smart TV, it’s a great introduction into the immersiveness of curved displays.

Why We Like It – Spectre TV

The Spectre TV is a very affordable curved TV that is a budget-friendly addition to any home theater. It has plenty of ports for gaming consoles, DVD or Blu Ray players, or smart assistants, and it’s lightweight and easy to wall mount.

  • Very affordable
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • Great picture quality
  • No smart features
  • Remote control is too bulky
  • Bad sound quality


This curved TV from Sceptre Inc is an LED HDTV with ultra high definition and 4K resolution. Its 60hz refresh rate is perfect for watching sports or playing video games with little motion blur and input lag. Sceptre delivers 8 million pixels for truly lifelike quality. The viewing angle for curved TVs is great; it’s like bringing home a personal movie screen. But, because Sceptre is still not a well-known brand, you might want to compare it to the Samsung 7 Series TV.


This Sceptre TV has built-in speakers that aren’t very great. The speakers are pointed downwards and have a tinny quality. Many Amazon reviewers recommended purchasing an external speaker system or sound bar to get better audio quality.

Smart Features

This Spectre is not a smart TV; however, it is fairly easy to hook up a Chomecast or Roku stick to one of its many ports to add smart capabilities. Or, you can connect your smartphone to Sceptre’s Mobile High-Definition Link.


The Sceptre TV has great options in terms of input connections: 4 HDMI ports and a USB port. You can connect your cable box, flash drive, DVD player, and Chromecast or Roku stick all at once.


While Sceptre TVs aren’t very well-known, $380 is still a fantastic price. It is missing some features, like Google Assistant and smart TV capabilities, and you most likely will need an external sound bar. But otherwise, it’s still a good LED TV for a good, budget-friendly price. If you’re looking for a higher quality TV, you might want to check out the Samsung RU7300.

Sceptre TV Wrap Up

The Sceptre 55-inch curved TV is a budget-friendly introduction into curved TVs. Curved displays are incredibly immersive, and perfect for watching sports, playing video games, or just getting sucked into your favorite TV shows. While Sceptre is priced well, you might want something with more bells and whistles like the Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500.

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