How to Connect a Projector to a Phone

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Updated February 13, 2023

Figuring out how to connect a projector to a phone should begin far before it needs to. You don’t want to try figuring it out in the minutes before you have to present. Luckily, understanding how modern projectors and android device screens link-up isn’t complicated. Connecting your phone to the best projectors is a great way to take every presentation up a notch.


  • You first choose your type of connection and then purchase the additional adapter cables required for that connection option.
  • Once you have the USB-C cable and other required parts, it’s time to connect so that you can begin device mirroring.
  • After completing the connection process, you’re ready to begin viewing your Android device screens on a larger screen.

Connecting Your Phone and Projector

Learning how to connect a projector to an iPad or a phone can help you make your Android smartphone go the extra mile during presentations. Having a connected projector means that you can easily show PDF files, image files, and whatever else you need to see on an entire screen made for projection. It’s much better to have one from a top brand than to make a projector yourself. To be prepared for your presentation, make sure to read some tips for an overheating projector.

Instructions for Android Device Users

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If you choose to use Apple products, make sure that you stick with the brand for all technology to enjoy the streamlined experience this brand provides fully.

If you’re using an Android device, the process is a little more complicated than with an Apple smartphone model. However, it still only takes a handful of minutes, and anybody can learn the process. Having an android device can even help in some situations. If you’ve asked yourself, “How long do projector lamps last?” then you’ll want to hunt that information down quickly.

STEP 1 Set Up the Projector Model

Use your user manual to determine the best way to set up the projector. Modern projectors are a little easier than their ancient counterparts, and a smart projector is even better. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid cutting corners. There may be screen instructions that pop up on your Android smartphone, so keep an eye out for that.

STEP 2 Choose the Connection Method

You can choose a wireless or wired connection. An Android phone does well with either type, so long as you access a cable adapter. There are pros and cons to using a wireless mode, but most people prefer it. Having a cable connection can cause damage to ports, tripping over cords, and more.

STEP 3 Use the Appropriate Cable Adapter

Most projectors will have a VGA port or HDMI port. The Android phone only has a USB-C port. This means you need to purchase adapter cables for the USB-C port so that you can connect a VGA or HDMI cable. Most mobile devices will accept either as an input source. However, some mobile phones may reject the connected printer. If so, follow the directions for using the projector’s wireless mode.

STEP 4 Enjoy the Connected Devices

Once you’ve figured out how to use your USB-C port and adapter options, you should be ready to set up your projector screen. Then, just enjoy whatever PDF files or image files you’d like to present. Screen mirroring options are fantastic for showing your Android screen on an entire screen fit for a classroom, business meeting, and more.


A lack of power can severely limit your ability to give a full presentation, so regularly check to ensure that your power cord is in good condition.


What if my phone doesn’t support MHL or HDMI adapters?

In this case, you’ll need to use a wireless option to make the connection between your smartphone and the projector model you’re using. This shouldn’t be an issue you run into with most modern smartphones, however.

Can I use the remote control to control the playback of phone content?

If you’re using a wired connection, then no. You’ll still need to use your phone to navigate the application list. Whether these are Apple Inc. or third-party apps, only a wireless connection can grant you that kind of control with a projector remote.

Do I need external speakers for my Apple TV?

An Apple TV does not come with a built-in HiFi speaker. Because of this, you’ll need to purchase them separately. An Apple TV is an excellent addition to your entertainment repertoire.

What types of document files can I share with a projector?

Any document files you have on your phone can be displayed using a connected projector. This includes PDF files, which are a popular way to share information.

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