How Many Routers Can I Have?

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Updated August 9, 2022

If you are experimenting with wireless networks, you may wonder how many routers you can have. The best routers, after all, can be used in a wide variety of unique situations. Keep reading to learn all about having multiple routers and what you can do with them.


  • In theory, you can have as many wireless routers as you want, providing your modem has the ports and your ISP allows multiple routers plugged into one modem.
  • Using more than one single router simultaneously offers an increase in wireless access coverage and the ability to plug in more connected devices with an Ethernet port.
  • You can also use old wireless routers to create a guest network or to conduct a DIY project or two.

Maximum Number of Routers

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many routers a person can have going in their home at the same time. There are actually advantages to using multiple routers if you are wondering what to do with an old router.

Insider Tip

Check online marketplaces and garage sales to pick up used routers on the cheap.

Here are some of the pros of using more than one router at once.

Increased Coverage

Using more than one router in your home can increase your coverage range, eliminating any potential dead spots throughout the home. Not every modem can successfully incorporate multiple routers, however, so check ahead of time. You’ll want to learn more about this by reading how a modem and router work, as the router plugs into a modem to provide internet signals for a household. Additionally, you will need a lengthy Ethernet cable to connect to the second router to your modem, long enough that it can reach a part of the house not serviced by your current network. Finally, some Internet service providers (ISPs) will not like multiple routers being connected to one cable modem. Still, it is a useful feature and a good tool to have in your arsenal if you are wondering, say, how to use a router as a WiFi adapter.

More Wired Devices

Using multiple routers is a boon not just when it comes to increasing the size of your wireless network, but it also frees up space for more wired connections. As you may know, each router includes a finite number of Ethernet ports to connect wired devices (typically around four.) In other words, every new router you add to your system will double the number of available wired connections. This can come in handy in busy households with tons of gadgets that are vying for the Internet.

Cool Projects

You don’t have to simply use your second or third router to enhance a pre-existing network. You can use them to create guest networks, for visitors and offer increased security, and for completing all manner of fun DIY projects. Users have gotten routers to control simple robotic devices, media libraries, and more.


How many airport routers can be on a network?

This depends on your make and model. Contact Apple for more information as to how to use more than one airport router to increase your WiFi network.

How to connect two routers on a home network?

To connect additional routers, check the instructions included with your devices. Each setup is different, as is each WiFi router, wired network, and Wi-Fi network.

How many devices can connect to a router?

This depends on the specs of the router itself, such as how many wireless devices can be supported at once. Additionally, it will depend on Ethernet ports for connection via Ethernet cable.

STAT: You’ll have to find the right location for both routers whilst also ensuring that physical connections are still viable, as well as having to configure your IP address settings and DHCP. (source)

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