Google is expanding its Street View capabilities and now offering Google Store View that’s a new feature of the mapping app, which allows viewers to virtually take a peek inside of participating businesses and have a look around. One of the first Google Store View business participants is Manhattan’s B&H Photo Video Super Store. They volunteered because they thought it would be “cool” for people who can’t visit NY to take a tour of their shop, mentions Bryan Formhals, B&H’s social media manager.

They heard Google was implementing the new feature and contacted them about being one of the first to provide virtual tours of their store. Google then went in and scanned everything on the first floor of the store using GPS devices to ensure the location services were accurate. B$H also has a second store, but Google told them they didn’t have the technology at the moment to have the second floor added to the store view app.

To check it out yourself, get on Google Maps and type in: “B&H Photo Video Super Store, 9th Avenue, New York, NY” and then click through the virtual tour of the shop, where you can zoom in and out as you would on the street view map option.

Kristie Bertucci

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  1. As a B&H Employees I MUST point out one small error in this otherwise wonderful story. B&H does NOT have another STORE, B&H has another FLOOR. Believe me, every day I have to tell people that the isn’t a B&H in their hometown; the one, the only is in New Yrok City! 

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