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We live in an increasingly paperless world, not least because using printers is a nightmare for a multitude of reasons. Especially if you only use it every six months or so, and discover that printer ink, which somehow costs more than actual human blood, has dried out. The EcoTank will at least ensure you can refill easily and simply. And by the way, if you want to make your own wardrobe, another kind of printer, the handheld printer prints on fabrics, wood and more.

EcoTank Brigade

Essentially, it turns the printer business model upside down: The printers cost more, but the ink is dirt-cheap. Well, relatively cheap. Cheaper than human blood, at least. The lower ink prices in the with the Epson will have you setting aside your best home scanner for this printer. It comes in bottles and you simply fill up the tanks, with $13 per bottle or $52 for the full set. The tanks keep the ink from drying out, and it also ensures you won’t run out of ink and have to buy a set of cartridges. Could it be a contender for the best printer for home use?

The “eco” part isn’t just keep those cartridges out of landfills, though. They also cut down on waste and packaging, and, of course, misprints. Essentially, it’s printing without wasting ink. Even the best printer ink can be costly.

Tank Up


It’s nice that Epson is actually addressing one of the key complaints about printers. The main question is whether or not consumers will go for the costs associated with it: The cheapest of these will be $380, and many customers are conditioned to paying nothing for printers. But at least Epson has the environment’s back. You should compare this with another printer on our review on how the Polaroids Zip instant printer is just like the old polaroids.

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