Computer monitors are a must-have for PC users and hardcore gamers. Consumers may be wondering just how much a typical computer monitor costs and the overall price range of displays.

Cost of a Computer Monitor

Modern computer monitors can fluctuate wildly when it comes to price, with some models as cheap as $50 and others costing $1000 or more. The average computer monitor costs around $200 – $300. There are some features and functionalities that can severely impact the price.

Monitor Features that Impact Price

There are a number of features and functionalities that can increase the overall price of a computer monitor.

Monitor Type

Generally speaking, LCD displays are the cheapest type of modern computer monitor. LED displays, which are based on the same technology as their LCD cousins, tend to be slightly more expensive while OLED displays are the most expensive of all. The latter being due to the high-priced components that make up the OLED technology.

Tip: Generally speaking, LCD displays are the cheapest type of modern computer monitor


Modern computer monitors can boast resolutions as high as 8K, offering stunning and true-to-life visuals and graphics. 8K, and even 4K, displays feature newly adopted technological advancements. As such, the higher the resolution, the costlier the monitor. If you are looking to snag a high-quality monitor on the cheap, go for an HD display with a 1080p resolution.

Refresh Rate

If you are using your PC to stream content or to play graphically intensive games, then the refresh rate is an incredibly important consideration. The refresh rate indicates how often your monitor refreshes the screen. As for price, monitors with ultra-high refresh rates, above 120Hz, tend to be more expensive than displays with refresh rates of 75Hz or less.

Monitor Size

The overall size of a computer monitor, and its width, can impact the overall price. Typically, ultrawide monitors and displays that are larger than 34-inches tend to be on the expensive side. This price continues to increase as the monitor size increases. Ultrawide monitors and larger-than-average monitors can significantly increase the viewing angle, which can be a useful benefit.

Additional Features

Certain monitors include additional features that can impact the price. These can include USB hubs, integrated stereo speakers, microphones, ergonomically designed frames, and more. Some monitors also include robust cable management systems, making for a tidy setup. We recommend making a “must-have” list of features before settling on your final purchase.


When it comes to cheap monitors, it’s not likely that you’ll get anything higher than 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).



Cost of a Computer Monitor FAQ

How much should I pay for a monitor?

This depends on what you plan on doing with your computer. If you are a serious gamer, we would recommend springing for something in the $400 to $500 range. If you are just streaming TV shows, you can get by with a cheaper model.

How much does a monitor cost?

Computer monitors can range from around $50 all the way up to $1000 and even more in some cases. The average price is around $200 - $300.

What is the best budget monitor?

The best budget monitor should feature a high-quality LCD display, a decent refresh rate, and a good response time. Budget monitors should also be large enough to be suitable for your uses.

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