Waytrim Floor Lounger Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Having a proper gaming chair for your children is important now more than ever before since kids nowadays spend a lot more time indoors either playing games, or even watching TV. You don’t really have to buy a big and tall office chair for this, as even the Waytrim Floor Chair would be a perfectly fine choice. It’s actually more of an indoor chaise lounge sofa than it is a gaming chair, but could it be one of the Best Gaming Chairs around?. Sit tight as we try to find out whether the Waytrim Indoor lounge qualifies to be one of the Best Gaming Chair for Kids.

Why We Like It – Waytrim Floor Lounger

The Waytrim Floor Lounger is a great chair for anyone who doesn’t mind sitting on the floor, and also wants the ability to extend it and lie it down on the floor. It can be adjusted for up to 6 different positions, and is available in a wide range of colors. A different foldable seat but with speakers is in our VON racer rocking video gaming chair review.

  • Can be adjusted in up to 6 positions
  • Has padded armrests
  • Available in upto 6 colors
  • Not waterproof


As a lounge chair that’s been set up to be used on the floor, the Waytrim lazy sofa floor chair doesn’t really have any elaborate back support, but it is heavily padded, and so it should be able to offer enough body support throughout your whole body. The chair is covered mostly by cotton & linen fabric, and also comes with a cushion seat that you can also use to comfortably support your legs and feet. There’s no protruding headrest as you’d see with the Vitesse Gaming Chair, but the chair does have armrests that are also well padded, despite not being adjustable. Another seat from the same company that you should also look at is detailed in the Waytrim indoor chaise lounge sofa review.


Sitting on the Waytrim folding padded lounger bed can be a very enjoyable experience since you’ll easily be able to convert it into a flat lounge bed, or even lay it flat on the ground. The Waytrim folding lazy sofa floor chair is also pretty comfortable especially because of it’s heavy padding, and it’s also pretty lightweight so your kids shouldn’t struggle with moving it from the living room to the bedroom for example.


You will be able to adjust the chaise lounge sofa folding chair in up to 6 different positions, making it a lot more versatile than the X Rocker Pro Series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair. The chair stays in place after adjustment because it’s got a metal frame structure, and this happens to be the only adjustment you’d want to make on it.


Breathability shouldn’t be an issue with the Waytrim adjustable floor chair, as its nylon cotton & linen fabric easily allows for proper airflow. This makes it a perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t prefer dealing with a PU leather chair like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, where you might have to get off the chair from time to time when it gets heated up.


The Waytrim pillow chaise couch gray is a perfect lounge sofa folding lazy chair for anyone who wouldn’t prefer to sit on a typical office chair all day. The 5 position folding padded lounger chair is also available in up to 6 different colours, it’s fabric doesn’t do too well with spillages, so you might want to avoid handling drinks when seated on it.

Waytrim Floor Lounger Wrap Up

The many positive customer reviews that have been left by verified purchase customers on Amazon only show the extent to which the Waytrim Floor Lounger is popular among customers, and with an item weight of around 15 pounds, it should be pretty easy to move around.

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