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The Floating Mars Bluetooth Speaker Levitates Your Music

Sometimes people look at a speaker and think: “This produces some great sound, but it doesn’t look enough like a Sci-Fi turntable for me.” For those people, Crazybaby has Mars, a levitating and one of our top Bluetooth speaker with hi-fi sound.

Mars has a fairly typical, rounded base that houses its subwoofer, but above this column floats a glowing disc that produces 360-degree sound without losing any fidelity through being grounded or belonging to any past century. The effect is made possible through magnetic levitation, which also includes automatic lifting and landing when the time comes for charging. This crazy-but-true speaker is also waterproof, and its aluminum casing is designed for portability.

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The sound is based on aptX Bluetooth streaming and can be controlled via your phone thanks to the Mars app, which can manage multiple base units if necessary. The absence of any physical media technically makes this a Bluetooth speaker, but Mars certainly seems like it deserves a class of its own.

The idea is that you can use Mars in multiple situations: You can put it on a coffee table at home and have the speaker function as an entertainment device and a conversation point. You can carry it into the office and use it for teleconferencing. You can put it in a backpack and use it outdoors for as long as the 8-hour battery can last. But mostly, you can use it to wow your friends or coworkers and occasionally poke if you’re feeling bored.

The hardest part of using Mars may be keeping others from using the floating speaker as a Frisbee, especially if you have dogs or kids. On the other hand…it just looks so cool. The Mars is available for preorder right now, and is due to be shipped around April 2015. You can preorder for $189, or get two for $329…or donate as much as you want to the crowdfunding effort, which has already reached more than 3x its original goal.

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