Sesame 2 Provides Auto-Locking for Easy Mac Security

If you want to take your password management to the next level, consider investing in Atama’s Sesame 2 auto-lock, a device that protects your Mac based not only on password, but also via proximity.

Sesame is a device that you keep on your keychain or in your pocket – it looks a little like an iPod Nano, but instead of holding songs it holds the passwords to access your computer. The function is simple and automatic: Get up and move away from your computer, and it will automatically lock down. Walk closer to your computer, and it will unlock for you.

Sesame 2 also allows you to set the distance threshold for activation. If you want it to lock down your computer when you move five feet away, it will. If you want to lock down when you’re 50 feet away, no problem. It also works with Apple Script, which means you can program it to do a variety of other tasks when you retreat/approach. You can mute the volume – or, more practically, program Spotify or iTunes to pause – or set Skype to “Away,” or do nearly anything else to help your laptop deal with your absence. You can also turn on Two-Factor authentication for extra security, which requires both manually entering the password and keeping the Sesame 2 Key close by.


The company has three suggestions for how to use Sesame. Students can use it to keep their work safe and ready for them when they come back (assuming no one will just steal the laptop itself). Business employees can confidently make more complex passwords without the need to remember them perfectly and cut down on more traditional forms of company theft. Finally, healthcare companies can protect patient health data and meet regulations more easily with an auto-lock.

There are some limitations – notably, Sesame 2 only works with Mac products. That’s a major limitation for businesses and healthcare companies, but perhaps Atama will come out with more compatibility in the future. If you are content with the Mac limitation, you can get one for $39.

Tyler Lacoma

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