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Sceptre E205W 16003R Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
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Simply put, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive monitor that offers impressively close features to what high-end screens do, you may want to grab this sceptre e205w-16003r while you can. Easy set-up and a slick design are just the beginning. When you compare this with the best 24-inch monitor, you can see the advantage of the sharp, quality screen that boasts a 75 HR refresh rate and the “Adaptive-Sync Technology” successfully cuts out image sharing and stuttering. The internal HDMI VGA speakers should fit your needs just fine. This all creates the feeling that you dropped a pretty penny on this monitor. Speaking of fitting your needs, find out what you get when you purchase one of the best computer monitors on the market.

Why We Like It – Sceptre E205w-16003r

The Sceptre E205W-16003R Ultra-thin LED monitor offers a fast 75Hz refresh rate and its “Adaptive-Sync Technology” tightens up the picture’s response time. This led monitor also houses internal HDMI VGA speakers that work surprisingly well. The contrast ratio enhances the screen’s sharpness, which is impressive for a monitor at this price. Free shipping and a perfect fitting screwdriver (included in the box) are both pleasant surprises.

  • Excellent price
  • Sharp, clear screen
  • HDMI VGA built-in speakers very good quality
  • Power connections face outward, making mounting difficult


The fast response time of 5ms, which is a nice improvement from such monitors like the Viewsonic VX2452MH, really complements the “Adaptive-Sync Technology” which closes the gap between the monitors and graphic cards refresh rate, resulting in a smooth, steady picture. Just like the impressive refresh rates of the Acer R240HY and Asus VA24EHE monitor 1920×1080 D Sub monitors, this screen provides clear images that change faster and reduce “screen tearing.” The built-in speakers provide surprisingly excellent audio, which is sometimes hard to find with internal speakers.

Great performance is always expected of any high-end monitor, but sometimes the mid-range monitors can surprise you, like what you’ll learn in our ViewSonic VA2759 review.

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Aesthetically, LG 24M47VQ monitor holds its own. Despite its size, four screws in the back allow for the consumer to mount the screen. If a permanent home isn’t for you, the surprisingly sturdy heavy plastic stand easily allows a location change. Built-in speakers are virtually invisible. Easy to see input/output plugs and power buttons allow the most novice customer a simple set-up. The size of the monitor makes for easy travel and pack up.

Unlike the AOC U2790VQ, you can’t travel with it. But, it still delivers on the display quality.


For what the Sceptre E205W offers, the price is almost too good to be true. The crisp picture and fast refresh rate usually point to a screen that’s going to put a dent in your bank account. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. The extra input/output options behind the monitor help contribute to this bargain buy. Two HDMI inserts, VGA, as well as audio in/audio out plug-ins are a bonus. And don’t forget about the money you will save not needing to purchase external speakers that do the job as these do.

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Sceptre E205w-16003r Wrap Up

For the price, the Sceptre E205W Ultra-thin LED monitor is a steal. A very decent refresh rate and contrast ratio complement the impressively sounding built-in HDMI VGA speakers. And although the back cords strangely face outward rather than downward (resulting in difficult mounting), the quality and price surely make up for it.

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