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Buying a TV is one of the things that you’ve got to do a decent amount of research for, but if you’re getting one from a respected brand like Samsung, you can always be assured of good quality. The Samsung Q80T QLED TV is a mid-range option that delivers stunning picture quality thanks to its 4K resolution, and is available at a 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85-inch screen size for you to choose from. It comes built in with amazing sound quality as a result of its objective tracking sound feature (OTS sound), where its two speakers adjust sound to follow the on-screen action yielding a cinema-like experience. If this already sounds interesting to you, then sit tight because we’ve just scratched the surface in terms of what this Samsung QLED TV has to offer. Go ahead with this review to find out if it deserves a spot on your best 4K TV list. If this TV isn’t big enough for you, you might be better off with our review of the Titan Zeus (370 inch TV).

Why We Like It – Samsung Q80T QLED TV Review

The Samsung Q80T is a top spec Smart TV that was crowned the CES 2020 Innovation Winner for Gaming, meaning if you intend to spend a lot of your time on your gaming console, then this is the TV for you. It comes with captivating color thanks to its Quantum processor, and produces action-centered sound through its objective tracking sound technology.

  • Great audio & image quality
  • Great gaming performance
  • Most affordable Full Array Local Dimming Samsung TV
  • No Dolby Vision support


The Samsung Q80T QLED TV is a feature-packed flatscreen that uses Quantum Dot Technology to allow for 4K AI upscaling, so that you always have an immersive picture on your screen. It’s 120 Hz refresh rate is faster than that of the Samsung Q7F, and is supported by variable refresh rate technology to eliminate screen tearing. This results in fantastic graphics when playing fast-paced games. Speaking of gaming, this Samsung TV also comes with a game mode that scales down image lag to 8.7ms, a Game Motion Plus setting that enhances motion handling, Motion Rate 240 technology to reduce blur by digitally enhancing images, and a faux surround sound mode to create a sense of 3D audio – features that are all possible thanks to its quantum processor. The TV also comes with a Direct Full Array backlight system with local dimming that regulates contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites.


This Samsung TV adopts a minimalistic, borderless design that places more emphasis on the picture instead of the TV itself. It comes with ultra-thin bezels, and just like the TCL 55R617, it is held in position by a centre-mounted stand. Like most Samsung QLED TVs, the Q80T is fitted with Samsung’s Ultra Viewing Angle Layer which keeps the TV visible from the widest viewing angles, and a broad range of connectivity options that include Bluetooth, Wi Fi and ethernet.


One of the special features that the Q80T has is its ambient mode, which through its Quantum Dot processor, produces a color texture that’s rich enough to allow it to seamlessly blend in with your surroundings. The TV does this by mimicking your wallpaper or showing a piece of artwork that fits in with your decor instead of just standing out as a black screen – a feature you will not get from other premium brands such as the Sony XBR-A1E. Also, for those who have a preference for voice control, the Samsung Q80T has Alexa built-in for those times that you’d rather use your voice, or can’t seem to find where you left the TV’s remote control.

Samsung Q80T QLED TV Review Wrap Up

Now that we’ve come to the end of our Review Samsung Q80T, we hope you’ve seen it as an excellent choice that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat thanks to its fine picture quality. Feel free to go ahead and order it from Amazon, though if you had already done so as an Amazon prime member, you probably would have gotten it days ago.

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    Samsung 55" Q80 4K UHD SMART QLED TV

    I upgraded to this model TV to take advantage of the symphony sound feature when linked with Samsung top of the line sound bar package. It simply does not work properly. The Samsung technician attended and confirmed the correct set up however disclosed that the product does not work as advertised. He installed all the latest updates to the TV and the sound bar. This did not fix the sound quality issues. He turned off the smart features of the TV and informed me that it would be necessary to wait for new updates that may address the issue. Why do you pay for all these smart features when they dont work. I have contacted Samsung Australia many times and get brief emails on how to update the products. This has already being done and has no effect. Don’t waste your money on this so called higher end equipment.


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