RCA 4K LED TVs Coming to the U.S. at Pretty Amazing Prices

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Updated June 27, 2022

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We know that your dream TV has an amazing display and costs…probably nothing at all. We can’t help much with getting a free HDTV, but we can help you have the best prices for the best possible products around. When a new TV comes along that catches our interest and has an extra-low price tag to boot, we can help but wonder if it will make our best LED TV list for 2016.

The latest example? RCA’s latest 4K LED TVs, which are coming to the United States at prices that will make your eyes shine. We know that 4K prices have been dropping swiftly, but you can get one of these new RCA Android ultra HD TVs for as low as $500. We’re not talking about tiny desk-based TVs, either – the three TVs being sold here are 50, 55, and 65-inch models respectively. That’s a lot of TV for a little price.

The plastic model has a more traditional look and a lower price.

How do you keep the price of 4K TVs so low? RCA teaches a valuable lesson here: Go easy on the features, and use your materials wisely. The only real feature here, except for the 4K resolution, is Android TV software that allows you to have various smart TV capabilities and surf the Google Play Store on your TV. There’s no high dynamic range tech, energy saving features, curved screens, or anything else here to push up the price.

Then we have the materials and design. Each of the three TV models comes with a choice between two different models. One model uses mostly unimpressive plastic, and is $100 cheaper. The version that’s $100 more uses more metal and a slimmer, more modern design. It’s a cool little choice that you don’t get with most other brands. Each model comes with 4 HDMI ports, an appealing number of connections that opens up the TV to many different uses in the home without bogging it down in expensive ports.

RCA is going to be distributing these TVs to a lot of major retailers, but that doesn’t mean supply is guaranteed. If you have your heart set on an affordable HDMI TV, get ready to snap one of these up quickly.

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