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Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED Review

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Samsung makes some of the best curved TVs on the market, and the Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED is no different. Get immersed in the action with a large curved display with Quantum Dot technology that delivers a picture that’s out of this world. Once you are through this review, you will understand which features to look out for in the best TVs.

Why We Like It – Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED

A fantastic curved TV with realistic picture quality, the Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED is sure to make a statement in any living room. Curved TVs have a surprisingly great viewing angle, meaning you’ll have the best seat anywhere in your living room.

  • One Connect Box neatly organizes cables
  • Ambient Mode blends the TV into your decord
  • 4 HDMI & 3 USB input ports
  • Amazon reviewers had trouble with Samsung customer service
  • Expensive


Samsung QLED TVs have some of the most gorgeous pictures on the market. Q Series technology takes image quality to the next level: Q Color brings more shades of color to the screen, Q Contrast Plus improves black levels and reduces glare, the Q Engine processes 4K color and clarity, and the Q HDR Elite makes your TV compatible with high dynamic range content. All of these key features mean you will have the best picture quality possible, with lifelike scenes and colors that pop. It has a motion rate of 240 for watching incredibly smooth sports or playing video games with very little input lag. And the curved QLED screen means your peripheral vision will also take in your favorite shows and movies. You’ll want to compare its picture quality to the Samsung 7 Series TV. To experience 4K UHD on a great TV, open our Samsung 7 Series TV review. Additionally, read our Samsung Q70R review for a QLED 4K TV that offers a beautiful picture without a curved screen. Or, for another curved model, read the Hisense 65H10B2 review to see how it compares to the Samsung.


This Samsung has built-in speakers that are surprisingly good. However, many Amazon reviewers still opted to purchase an external sound bar and subwoofer to increase audio levels and increase the sound quality overall. This is still better than the more budget-friendly Samsung UE43RU7020.

Smart Features

This Samsung curved TV is an incredible addition to any smart home. Samsung’s Universal Guide combines listings from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and so many more of your favorite streaming services into one convenient location. Bixby voice assistant is built-in, and the included One Remote Control allows you to control all of your connected devices. You can even download the SmartThings app on your smartphone and control your TV shows that way. You can compare its smart features to the Samsung Electronics UN65MU7500. If you think you have found the best TV, first, look at our OLED65E8PUA review.


This Samsung has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports, more than most! You can plug your DVD player, cable box, gaming consoles, and flash drive all in at the same time. It has built-in wifi for easy internet setup.


Samsung curved TVs, especially with QLED TV technology, are typically fairly expensive. While the 65-inch Samsung is way cheaper than Samsung RU7300. You definitely get what you pay for, like incredible pictures, audio, and smart features. It’s a stylish centerpiece for any living room. Wall mount equipment is unfortunately sold separately. For a more budget-friendly option, you can read our review of the Vizio M-Series (MQ6) LED TV.

Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a curved smart TV with incredible picture quality, the Samsung 7 Series Curved 65 QLED is definitely high on the list. While the TV audio isn’t fantastic, this TV still has so many other incredible features that definitely make it worth your purchase.