Philips StarMaker Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Love Karaoke or know someone who does? The Philips  StarMaker Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Karaoke System with Mic is the perfect holiday gift for yourself or a loved one who loves to sing their heart out at parties or indulges in a few solo sets just for fun! Making it one the best portable Bluetooth speaker, one its features is a high-sensitivity Bluetooth mic for a top singing experience and you’ll be able to sing in perfect rhythm with on-screen lyrics using your iPad. The mic has a range of up to 30 feet so you can easily enhance your performance by moving around the room a bit and you can leave the mic on its stand to free both hands during your dance routine.

Being one of the best Bluetooth speaker, it comes with the StarMaker app to keep you in synch with the music beat and includes free hit songs to get you started, battle mode to compete with friends and family, and the option to share your recordings via Facebook, Twitter, and email. And with the constantly updated large song library available for download, you’ll have an endless library of songs to sing. For those who can’t really sing, auto-tune keeps you singing on key making you sound like a pro. The software can alter pitch, tune vocal tracks that are sung off key and more. If you don’t want to use it to Karaoke, then you can also stream music via the system. Amazon has it right now for $99.95 plus free shipping.

Philips StarMaker Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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