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The LG LP0818WNR portable air conditioner is the perfect solution for anyone that doesn’t need air conditioning in a very big room. The air conditioner is perfect for rooms that are 200 square feet and below, making it the perfect climate-control solution for small spaces. It also features a remote control that allows you to control it remotely, and is capable of dehumidifying air at a rate of 1.27 kg per hour. It should probably be great if you’re shopping around for the best air conditioner for a small space, so if this sounds like what you could be looking for, make sure you get to the end of this review to get an idea of what to expect.

Why We Like It – LG LP0818WNR

LG Electronics is a consumer electronics company that is well known and established, and the LG LPO818WNR air conditioner is one of their most popular picks for customers that want to air condition a small space. Another popular model is the LG LP0817WSR model which has very similar features.

  • Programmable 24 Hour On/Off timer
    • Auto evaporation system
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Limited Cooling Coverage


Best suited for small spaces, the LG LP0818WNR portable air conditioner boasts an 8000 BTU rating, meaning that it’ll only be efficient in a room that’s smaller than 200 sq ft. That’s the same amount of space that can be serviced by the LG LP1217GSR air conditioner. The LG LP0818WNR portable air conditioner is however different from the LG LP1419IVSM (more well known as the LG LP0817WSR), in that you will have to be tipping back the unit whenever you need to drain the collected water, even with auto evaporation built-in.

Energy Efficiency

To make sure that your electricity bill doesn’t run out of control, you’ll be able to easily decide when you need to have the LG air conditioner on or off through its 24-hour timer. This timer is perfect for configuring the AC unit into your schedule, so that you can have it switch on when you get up, or switch off in the evening when going to sleep.


Aside from just conditioning the air, AC units also clean it up by ridding it of pollen, dust, or even bad odor, and this happens in a great part due to the filters inside the conditioner. These filters can be removed for washing, and once they start to wear and tear, they can be easily replaced with new ones.


With Auto-swing air vent technology, the LG LP0818WNR can evenly circulate air, leaving behind no hotspots, and ensuring that your whole room remains well ventilated. This may not be any match for the 4 way Air deflection that you’ll get with the LG LW1816ER, but it’s still good for continuous airflow. The air conditioner also looks quite sleek, and despite being only available in white, it is sure to blend in well with your interior decor.


Just like the LG LW1017ERSM, the LG LP0818WNR 8000 BTU portable air conditioner comes with a 1-year warranty, so in case you come across any problems as you use it, make sure you reach out to their customer care team so that you’re able to get any problems sorted out.

LG LP0818WNR Wrap Up

The LG LP0818WNR type portable air is a budget option that won’t do too much damage to your pocket, as it is one of the most affordable air conditioners you’ll be able to find. Its 8000 BTU cooling capacity may not be much, but with an auto-evaporation system and an included installation kit, it remains one of the most capable budget air conditioners on the market.

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