Keezel Brings VPN Internet to All Travelers

Despite the comfy-sounding name, Keezel has an ambitious project in mind. This portable bauble calls itself “the world’s first portable online freedom device.” No, it doesn’t spit out bald eagles on command – but it does spit out a curious version of wireless VPN technology for the average consumer. Of course, you could always try Express VPN – Best VPN for Android too.

You may recognize VPN, or Virtual Private Network, as the technology used by businesses everywhere to keep their internet activities safe and in-house, away from prying eyes or competitors. Keezel wants to do the same thing, but for everyone – essentially creating a separate network across the world just for Keezel users.


Other than this vision, Keezel appears to be much like a typical portable wireless network device. It’s fairly small and smart though – there’s only one button to turn it on, and management is done via cell phone. When on, Keezel looks around for the best VPN network and connects you. It can also form connections with other Keezels.

The big benefit to this is greater security when using public Wi-Fi. Keezel is targeted at travelers, business associates, or those who love to hang out around cafes, hotels, and more. It also probably appeals to those who dislike government censors in some of the more banhammering countries, those who enjoy pirating content, and people who prefer more…shady online activities. You take the good with the bad.

Keezel packages on Indiegogo vary based on what service you select. MSRP will be $90 for the device and $60 for a year of service. However, contributions can gain you two years of service or even a lifetime of service at a variety of discounts. There is also a number of interesting stretch goals for the campaign, which include access to home networks and more, so if this catches your interest then you should keep an eye on the campaign page.

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