HP Pavilion 27xi Review – 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Today we are graced with another display using an edge-to-edge glass design. The HP 27XI 27-inch IPS LED backlit monitor just arrived and it’s a looker. We found the AOC I2757FH to be a great HD display with fashionable looks, great picture quality, and a plethora of on-screen display options to play with. However, it fell short of its edge-to-edge claim. The glass doesn’t go flush to the edges. Instead, there is a thin border around the glass. Moreover, the picture displayed is also framed with a solid black border about 3/4 of an inch thick. (This is why it is important to know what the most important features of a monitor are.) Speaking of important features, the best computer monitors have lots of them. Check them out!

The exact same design is what stands before us with the HP Pavilion 27XI. Like my Grandmother used to say, “Let me tell you in the front so you don’t stick out behind.” I want readers to know from the beginning, things are not quite what the marketing hyperbole would lead you to believe. It’s important but has little to do with how the 27XI performs as a 1080p IPS display. Plus this one is priced to soothe nearly any superficial misgivings. As you’ll find in our review of the HP 2311X 23-inch WLED monitor, which is nicely priced at just under $200. 

HP Pavilion

Just as you’ll find in the HP 2311XI 23-inch IPS display, this is another 1080p. Sadly, though, this is the unit’s max resolution. I look forward to the day the great display wizards at HP return to higher resolution displays. 1080p is definitely the recognized standard. But that standard is amazingly long in the tooth at this stage of the game. I’m with Intel. It’s past time we step things up to the 4K arena. But I digress.  Other specs on the HP 27xi include a higher than average 7ms response time, 10 million-to-1 contrast ratio, ubiquitous 250 cd/m brightness, and 178-degree viewing angle. It’s pretty standard stuff, albeit that response time is 2ms slower than the AOC I2757FH.

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The HP 27xi is another very nice-looking IPS display. This is a nice screen size for gaming. If you have an Xbox that you want to hook up with your monitor, consider reading our guide on how to connect Xbox one to PC monitor with HDMI.  The chrome look on the bottom border and the stand are very elegant. The base is made up of two pieces that snap together effortlessly and allow the display to tilt back at a 45-degree angle. The main monitor panel then clicks into the designated clamp on the base. The unit connects to laptops, PCs and set-top devices via 1x HDMI, 1x VGA or 1x DVI. Both VGA and DVI cables are included, with an HDMI cable sold separately. I should mention, the AOC I2757FH sports dual HDMI connections.

HP Pavilion

From construction to performance–this is a gorgeous monitor. Yet be leery if you don’t care for glare coating on your display screen. It’s thick on this one. It does enhance the look and sharpness of images but it also reflects a crippling glare if hit with the slightest sunlight. This will be a deal-breaker for some and a nonissue for others. So it’s worth a mention.

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But the general performance deserves a standing ovation at this price point. Pictures are vibrant with sharpness and clarity very much on par with the AOC I2757FH. Colors are even more saturated than what we get on the HP ZR30w 30-inch display or the HP ZR2740W 27-inch monitor and look fantastic. I do not detect any backlit bleed through colors or images. There are no dead pixels and despite that 7ms response time, I found no ghosting trail after-effects in high-speed games such BF3, WarFrame, Crysis 3, COD: Black Ops 2 or Dishonored.

HP Pavilion

Also, like the AOC, there are quite a few on-screen display options to tweak. These are accessible through 0.5 touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom right of the display. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color, OSD controls and a bit more. You also get a few image presets for Games, Movies, Photos, Text and Custom settings to manually tweak the variables in between. But HP has tossed in another preset called HP Enhance+. This setting seems to add more sharpness and vibrancy to images. It’s my go-to setting and works great for movies and video games. 

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In our write-up of the LG 27EA83 LED WQHD monitor, you’ll also find similar customizable display options. But, unlike the HP Pavilion 27XI, it has a greater resolution and wider color spectrum.

It’s hard to argue with greatness and the HP Pavilion 27XI is indeed a great monitor. It costs less than the AOC I2757FH, with a similar aesthetic appeal. It concedes an extra HDMI port and  2 milliseconds of response time to the AOC as well. While the latter goes unnoticed, the former is a valid flaw. Those with dual-use aspirations like simultaneously connecting to a PC and cable box, will have to look elsewhere.  But if you want outrageously impressive picture quality in an elegant form factor for an affordable price, then either the AOC I2757FH or the HP 27xi will suit you just fine. Both have great image quality.

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[Rating: 4/5]


Bottom Line: The HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch IPS LED backlit 1080p display is one of the highest-performing monitors that we’ve seen in this class. Connectivity options are conservative but the performance comes in spades.


·  Gorgeous IPS LED picture quality in games and movies

·  Handsome construction

·  Affordable

·  Oodles of OSD options


·  Only 1x HDMI port

·  Only reaches 1080p

·  Glare coating may be an issue for some

The HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch IPS LED-backlit monitor is available at Amazon for $269.99

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