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Updated October 28, 2022

Understanding how to buy reviews can assist you in showing customers that your business has a high impact. But this process is quite risky. It’s cheap, but painting a false image about your company can harm you if people test your product and find out that you are a sham. But if you provide people with quality products or services that match your reviews? You can boost your business’s sales and achieve what you want.


  • Seven out of ten consumers check Google reviews before exploring the brand’s website.
  • One of the common ways of buying reviews is by offering your customers an incentive.
  • In some cases, other companies prefer to create multiple accounts on review platforms and then write different reviews by themselves.

STEP 1Offer an Incentive for Customers to Write Them

You could offer to pay or gift your customers in exchange for them to leave you with positive reviews. This strategy is a good approach because it will involve customers who have tested and used your product or service. However, be careful not to get an influx of five-star ratings and positive reviews from your customers. The review site can question the process. And some new customers can easily discover that some of your reviews are false. You can confirm this by reading about how experts have realized that some Yelp reviews could be fake. Amazon tries to combat this with its “Verified Purchaser” tag. You can learn more about this with our article on what is a verified purchaser on Amazon.

STEP 2Pay a Third Party

There are online services that provide reviews. According to a New York Times article, some groups like Mechanical Turk service e-commerce sites with positive reviews about some products. Unfortunately, those groups provide both positive and negative reviews in exchange for some money. These sites not only offer cheap labor, but in some cases, they can raise red flags because of all the adoring reviews you can get. A good example of this is the Casper Mattress lawsuit that sued review sites for unlawfully driving customers to the competition. You can read about the fake Elsevier journals for another example of how these tactics can be harmful.

STEP 3 Create Your Company’s Reviews

Although this is not purchasing review, it falls under this category as an option. You can choose to create fake customer accounts and start writing fake reviews yourself. You have to be careful with this option because you do not want to appear too emotional about the company’s product or service. Unfortunately, you have also to post negative reviews. Honestly, no perfect company exists, so do not fear a couple of negative reviews about your site.

Why Buy Reviews?

Reviews are powerful tools for generating new sales. That is why it is tempting if people are not organically reviewing your product or service, like when people buy yelp reviews. However, since most customers look at online reviews before making a purchasing decision, it is vital to understand what that means by looking at the following statistics:

  • 31% of consumers in 2020 said that they read more reviews, and 34% read fewer.
  • 87% of consumers in 2020 read local businesses’ online reviews, up from 81% in 2019.
  • 67% of consumers say that they would not engage with a business if the reviews said they did not observe Covid-19 health measures.
  • About 48% of consumers would consider purchasing a brand with less than four stars.
  • 73% of consumers only look at reviews written over the last month.


Why should anyone avoid buying Google reviews?

Generally, there are two ways people buy reviews. The first one is through desperation. So, someone might hire and pay an unethical business to post a huge number of fake reviews to solidify their brand in the market. The other option is offering free services, great discount offers, or a money-back guarantee for 5-star reviews on Google. In this example, authentic customers will write reviews, which in some cases, it is ethical behavior.

Can you buy Google reviews?

If your business has fewer reviews or too many negative reviews, the temptation of buying reviews can creep in. But just because you can buy reviews does not mean that you should buy them. One of the drawbacks of using fake reviews is getting your business blocked on review sites. In other cases, there are review sites that take legal action against companies with fake reviews.

Why should I be mindful of a review?

A review will draw out the strength and weaknesses of your product and brand. It will also give personal opinions of what you are offering confidently. In addition, reviews also conclude the usefulness and effectiveness of your product to the audience.

STAT: About 94% of consumers say that a negative review about a product/service has led them to avoid working with some businesses. (source)

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