GTPLAYER Gaming Chair Review

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Updated November 28, 2022
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If you search for the best gaming chair, you’re likely to receive a slew of results that all look roughly the same. Narrowing your search to the “best reclining gaming chair” will decrease the onslaught of chairs now covering your screen, but not by much. The Gtplayer Chair is just another in an oversaturated market of budget gaming chairs that cost less than $200, but the problem is, you can easily find something better in this price range, and nothing will compare to the quality and durability you’ll get if you can spend a bit more money. Uncomfortable, not durable, and a generally unpleasant sitting experience is all most people get from this chair, but it at least looks nice.

Why We Like It – GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

The Gtplayer Chair is inexpensive and simple to put together, and it has several options to adjust the seat to your liking. It’s also guaranteed to look great in your office in lieu of a more traditional office chair. For another similar chair, check out the Gtracing ergonomic gaming chair.

  • Retractable footrest
  • Reclinable up to 135 degrees
  • Easy to put together
  • Poor quality build and PU leather exterior
  • Ineffective “massaging” lumbar support pillow
  • Arms aren’t adjustable


Good support is key to the best gaming chairs, and while the Gtplayer Chair does an adequate job of providing support, it’s far from perfect. This chair comes with the standard neck and lumbar support pillows we expect in a racing-style gaming chair, but the lumbar pillow here is slightly different because it has a “massage” function. Unfortunately, the massage is little more than a light vibration, and the USB power cord is, according to reviewers, fairly fragile. Be sure to know how to attach lumbar support to a gaming chair to benefit from this pillow.  You can read our HEALGEN reclining gaming chair review for another model that has a massaging lumbar pillow. The telescoping footrest is another gripe among reviewers, as several claim the metal bars holding it feel weak and unstable when putting their feet up. This seems to be a common problem among gaming chairs with footrests, as we’ve seen this issue crop up on similar chairs like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair.


Despite the 300-pound weight limit, the majority of reviewers found that the Gtplayer Chair would be far more comfortable for smaller users. One common complaint regards the “wings” on the seatback, which are rather narrow and uncomfortably squeeze the shoulders inward. The seat itself isn’t very wide, and yet the seat itself is deep enough that shorter users also found they weren’t very comfortable in this chair. An office chair should be comfortable; unless you’re tall and thin, the Gtplayer Chair won’t be as good a choice as something like this Yamasoro ergonomic office chair.


All the familiar features come with the Gtplayer Chair: the back reclines up to 135 degrees, the height can be adjusted up and down, the included pillows can be moved for maximum comfort, and, of course, there’s the telescoping footrest–though it doesn’t extend out far enough for some. An addition many reviewers want for this, and other gaming and office chairs, are the functionality to move the armrests up and down. While the Gtplayer Chair does have the standard linkage armrests that move with the chair as it reclines, it doesn’t have this highly-desired feature. You can check out our KILLABEE gaming chair review for a similar chair.


In a surprise to absolutely no one, the PU leather exterior on the Gtplayer Chair isn’t very breathable. User reviews claim the material is hot and uncomfortable, with lots of sweat as a result. Not to mention, any skin touching the material during an extended gaming session is sure to stick. PU leather is also not very durable, showing obvious signs of wear and tear for many reviewers after only a few months of use. Anyone concerned about the durability of their leather gaming chair might be more interested in the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 chair instead. And, if you’re looking for a floor chair, read our Giantex gaming chair.


$126 is on the lower end of the budget gaming chair spectrum, and, unfortunately, it shows in the chair’s quality. Many reviewers found the chair uncomfortable to use for a variety of reasons. Some users found the chair too small despite the relatively high weight limit, while others couldn’t stand using the chair for long periods because of the lack of airflow through the PU leather. The chair is also not very durable: the leather peels and cracks, and the metal supports holding the chair up are not welded well enough to last. A cheap chair like this will do in a pinch, but you can find better at this price. And don’t forget to learn how to maintain gaming chair to ensure it lasts you as long as possible, regardless of how much you paid for it.

Gtplayer Chair Wrap Up

The Gtplayer Chair is OK, but you can easily find a better chair at this price point. Many found the chair uncomfortable overall, which makes it rather hard to recommend. Reviewers repeatedly cite issues regarding broken/missing parts, poor build quality, and a lack of breathability. Perhaps less offensive but still bothersome is the inability to adjust the armrests vertically. It is, however, easy enough to put together, and the chair does recline 135 degrees, which, combined with the telescoping footrest, might be comfortable for at least a short stint. This chair beats using a super-cheap office chair, but when there’s such a glut of good budget chairs out there, that isn’t saying much.

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