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The search for the perfect monitor can be a daunting task, especially for graphic design. However the CG2730 BK, in our list for Best Monitor for Graphic Design and Best Gaming Monitor, is one of the best LCD monitors on the market for those who need true to life colors.

Why We Like It – EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK 27”

There is little to complain about when it comes to the EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK 27”. With a near life-like picture, whatever work you do will translate perfectly to the finished product.

  • 99% Adobe RGB offers an unprecedented amount of color accuracy.
  • Calibration sensor does the work for you.
  • Bezels disappear into the screen.
  • High price may dissuade buyers
  • Thunderbolt port does not charge devices


Everything about the CG2730 BK was developed with those who work in graphic design in mind. With a native contrast ratio of 1184:1, this kind of high contrast is on par with the Acer CB282K. With a wide color range, this monitor has no problems giving an accurate and precise picture that will easily translate to whatever medium you may work in.. Much like a cherry on top, the CG2730 BK comes with Colornavigator software that automatically calibrates the screen for you, saving valuable time. Color gamut scores are 98%+ earning high benchmark results from both standard sRGB and even Adobe RGB, rest assured that the picture from this monitor will look like the real thing, an invaluable asset for graphic designers.

Viewing Angle

A 27 inch wide gamut LCD monitor already sounds like a dream come true for many. The added versatility of the EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK only makes this dream better. For starters, the fact that this monitor is VESA compatible is always a welcome addition. This makes it an easy process for those who want their monitor mounted to a wall. However much like the LG 27UD68-W, EIZO’s stand can be rotated and adjusted to suit any need.


The stand feels solid, nothing about it or the monitor itself feels flimsy or easily breakable. There is no mistaking it, this is a premium product made for those who can’t accept anything but the best. The included VESA support offers an extra sense of security for those who want to protect their investment.


The ColorEdge CG2730-BK includes five USB ports, Thunderbolt compatibility, Displayport DVI, and HDMI. Needless to say this monitor is packed to the brim with connection ports that will never leave you needing more. It seems that EIZO really thought of everything, offering a port selection rivaling the Samsung U28E590D. The only complaint I can find is that the Thunderbolt connectivity is not able to charge your devices.


For what the EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK is asking for in price, every feature that comes included is more than worth it. The Colornavigator software, which performs self calibration, will save buyers plenty of time left doing better things. Power consumption is kept to a minimum, and to top it all off, EIZO even includes a USB cable with every purchase.

EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK 27” Wrap Up

Designed for those who work in graphic design and post production. EIZO’s high quality monitor is worth every dollar, leaving me searching for any negatives for this review. From nearly flawless color accuracy, a calibration sensor that does the work for you, and bezels that don’t clash with the screen, all you really need to concern yourself about is your Thunderbolt devices not being able to charge. When all is said and done, the EIZO ColorEdge CG2730-BK is an invaluable selection that’ll make you question how you could ever live without it.

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