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The Dell s2716dg monitor is one of the Best Gaming Monitors that you can add to your gaming arsenal. This monitor uses g sync technology to produce stunning smooth graphics on the latest games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and more. It has a QHD resolution that is stated as better than the usual Full HD models. Leave lag behind and give yourself a competitive edge. The kind you also get grom one of the best computer monitors around.

Why We Like It – Dell S2716DG

The Dell s2716dg monitor gives gamers a boost by providing a fast refresh rate on top of a low input lag. It has a USB Hub to connect all your essential USB devices, and you can extend your view by adding more monitors. The monitor has an anti glare design so you can enjoy more of the visuals and less of the glares that may distract you.

  • 1ms response time may give you a competitive edge
  • Nvidia G Sync provides smooth graphics
  • Customers were not impressed by the colors produced by the screen


The 27” inch monitor gives you a maximum resolution of 2560×1440, which translates to about 3.68 million pixels at work here. Because of the Nvidia technology, the monitor will match the refresh rate to the graphics cards to provide an experience as smooth as butter. You can tweak and tilt the stand included to your eye level, so you have maximum comfort. With a response time of 1ms, you will not experience ghosting or motion blur anymore. If you would like to find more monitors that combat ghosting, another model you may want to look at is the Acer predator xb321hk.

Viewing angle

With this 27” inch mode, you get a viewing angle of 160 degrees vertically, and a horizontal view of 170 degrees. It uses a TN panel type of screen, which can bring low power computation but may not provide good viewing angles. It has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is common among most new monitors. If you were hoping to find a bigger screen display, you may want to take a look at the Alienware aw3418dw.

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Customers have been vocal about the LED bleeding out, and the USB signal from the ports going out, so it would be best to add a protection plan in case your problem is not covered through warranty. These problems may not occur with your monitor, but if you don’t want to take a chance on it, you may want to take a look at another monitor like the Viewsonic xg2402.


This monitor has a USB 3.0 HUB so you can connect all your essential USB devices. There is a power cable port, and a couple of HDMI ports. There is a single DisplayPort, but this monitor is able to combine with other monitors to expand your view even more and add to the immersive gaming experience.

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This Dell monitor will definitely provide a variety of new benefits to any esports competitor. The screen size is geared towards a single player rather than multiplayer. With a rapid response rate and no input lag, you can ensure that you have the best reaction time when it comes to playing any FPS or other genres. This monitor will let you enjoy your games more with its anti-glare design, and smooth graphics on a widescreen display.

Dell S2716DG Wrap Up

If you have the extra dough to invest in, the Dell s2716dg monitor will be a great addition to any gaming arsenal. While some customers weren’t hyped on the colors produced by the monitor, it may all come down to personal preference. The monitor still manages to produce a rapid refresh rate and response time to put you over the top during your next match.

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