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It would be unfair to take shots at the Brazen Puma in this PC Gaming Chair review, but they are there and there are plenty. Still, if you try and focus on the fact that it’s incredibly affordable, mostly suited for children, and does provide a few good features then even high-quality chairs don’t, then you can understand why it should probably be considered a best gaming chair.

Why We Like It – Brazen Puma

The Brazen Puma Gaming Chair may not offer all the high-end features other gaming chairs would offer, but at $190.00 it provides a great introduction into the world of gaming chairs. This is especially true if you’re a kid or you’re considering buying one for a kid. Or if you just want an affordable chair without all the fancy bells and whistles you know you’re not going to use.

  • Extremely comfortable elbow rests
  • Great for kids
  • Affordable
  • Lacks a lot of high-end features
  • Not very comfortable for adults
  • Doesn’t recline at all


The Brazen Gaming chair comes in with a lack of features like no adjustable armrests, reclining back support or adjustable lumbar support. Despite this, there are some positives to the Puma chair. For one, the elbow rests are an absolute delight and can bring even the most top-quality gaming chairs to shame and which makes you wonder what these high-end companies are doing, And the casters allow a good roll on just about any surface. If you’re going to miss all the industry-standard features then opt for the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NO Newedge Edition as your chair of choice.


The Brazen Puma PC Gaming is a gaming chair that seems to be designed for kids as the lack of features stated above show. For kids, they will probably be excited in the knowledge that they have their own special chair to play on. For adults, especially those in the 6’ range, the chair will absolutely feel too small and uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. The materials are a mix between PU Leather and mesh outers, which does provide a comfortable experience, but not exactly top-notch. Try the Vertagear SL4000 if you need a more adult-oriented and comfortable gaming chair.


The Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair is a good effort that comes into the market at a reasonable price, as far as gaming chairs are concerned, and provides a comfortable gaming experience. It may not recline all that much, but if you’re sitting at a desk working or gaming on a PC you aren’t really going to need to recline, are you? It’s easy to put together, and the colour scheme of the white, black, and yellow give it a great look. So at the very least, it will look fantastic in your room. Try the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series if you’re looking for an affordable gaming chair with a bit of name-brand recognition to it.

Brazen Puma Wrap Up

The lack of adjustable features can make it difficult to get comfortable in this chair, but if you do find a sweet spot you’ll be taking a ride on the comfort express. Unfortunately, finding this sweet spot will be a lot easier for a kid than it will be for an adult. But at an incredibly affordable price, can you really blame them for the features they are lacking?

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