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Best Business VoIP Providers 

Over 35+ Hours Testing & Reviewing 15 VoIP Providers.

9.8 out of 10

When you're shopping for the best business VoIP providers of 2019, you'll find a lot of benefits they can offer over traditional landlines that the old phone companies simply can't provide. We live in a digital world, and the last thing you want for your business is to be tied down by an old, aging analog system that can't keep up with the needs of the modern employee, manager, or CEO.

But transitioning from a regular landline to a VoIP can be a confusing process, filled with new technology and terminology that doesn't apply to standard phone service as we know it already. Don't worry though, that's why Gadget Review is here to break down all the marketing speak and fill you in on what you need to know about the best VoIP providers in 2019!

Best Business VoIP Providers

- October 2019

How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top VoIP systems.

Crystal Clear
Call Quality


Customer Service


Best VoIP for Small


 RingCentral VoIP

out of 10
  • Excellent call quality
  • The best of the best customer support
  • Great integration and apps + no annual contract
  • Not the top fit for single person startups
  • So flexible and options you might be overwhelmed with choice

Why We Like It: Great prices with an easy setup process? Sign us up. Of all the business-class VoIP providers we looked at for this list, RingCentral was the one that stood out from the crowd thanks to its extensive feature list, fair pricing, and plan customization options.

Best VoIP Features

Jive VoIP

out of 10
  • 100 unique calling features
  • Virtual queueing that calls customers back
  • Hold time announcements keeps callers calm
  • Not ideal for 1-2 person teams
  • RingCentral is more flexible

Why We Like It: Jive offers tons of features at an affordable price. If a breadth of features and customization is more enticing to your business, Jive VoIP has got every base covered and then some. Jive comes packed with must-haves like call forwarding and hold time announcements (for business with long queue times), as well as more fringe offerings like automated call distribution that eases the burden on your customer service representatives so everyone gets an even share of the work load.

Best VoIP Call Quality

Vonage Business


out of 10
  • No contracts required
  • Excellent call quality
  • 40+ calling features
  • Pricey for startups
  • No contract means that it's more expensive

Why We Like It: The best choice if you want to avoid signing contracts. When VoIP technology was just getting off the ground nearly a decade ago, Vonage was one of the very first companies on the pile to offer both consumer and enterprise customers an easy, affordable way to reduce the cost of their monthly landline bills.

Best for Unlimited


Nextiva Small Business VoIP


out of 10
  • Affordable plans + unlimited calling
  • 99.99% uptime makes it very realiable
  • No setup fees
  • Only basic features on intro plans

Why We Like It: Nextiva sports cheap plans with solid network server support. With no setup fees or contracts and unlimited calling/faxing, Nextiva is perfect for businesses that know ahead of time that they’ll need more than just a few extensions to really take advantage of their VoIP system to its fullest.

Best for International


8x8 Small Business VoIP

out of 10
  • Long distance calling is completely free of charge
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Supports up to 15 members but can be upgraded to more
  • Only the most basic features on intro plans

Why We Like It: Long distance calling to 35 countries, free of charge. If you work with a lot of clients or customers outside North America or Europe, it might be difficult to find a VoIP provider that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg extra just to connect outside of your country.

VoIP Services

Which Best Business VoIP Provider is Right For Me

Whether you’re just starting up your first small business or running a Fortune 500 multi-national corporation, it’s important to get all the features you need with the best business VoIP provider of 2019.

If you only need a service that covers a few customer service stations with the apps and infrastructure to back it up, or value network reliability and server uptime over everything else, there’s a VoIP provider out there that will sit down with you and help you find a plan and contract that suits the needs of you, your customers, and your growing business better than anything else around!

Key Factors and Features to a Good Business VoIP Provider


Virtual Extensions

Although this feature may take on a different name depending on the provider you choose, the function is still the same: call forwarding to any device or desk no matter where it is in the world.

This is sort of a “unified” number, much like Google Voice that will find you on the device you’re currently attached to.

If you’re at your desk, it will ring your desk. If you’re away, it will extend the call to your smartphone, or you can send it straight to voicemail and get the notification across all the platforms of your choosing.



Just like standard landline services, there are a wide variety of packages and deals you can get with your VoIP provider that fits your needs and budget best.

Be conservative when signing up for your first plan, and if you need more lines or voicemail storage there’s always the option to up your package the next billing cycle.

On average, you should expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $350 for a 10-line system, depending on the location of your business and which features you ultimately decide to add on.



Ask anyone who’s been a part of the business world in the past five years, and they’ll tell you the same thing: the phone stays on, all hours of the day.

When shopping for a VoIP provider, go over the different app options they have, as these are what you’ll need to use to keep yourself connected to your number/voicemail/message inbox whenever you’re not in the office.

Also check to see if there is universal support across all the platforms you and your employees plan to use, i.e.- iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.


Strong Networking

Because VoIP relies completely on bandwidth to transmit a call, it’s important to go with a provider that has server locations around the globe.

The closer a server is to your place of work, the more consistent the quality of the calls you take will be.

Also be sure to check that they have redundant servers, which take the load off the main network when the company has to run maintenance tasks or fix a connection issue with customers. This ensures you’ll never have any downtime with your VoIP service, and will always stay connected to your most important clients.


Quality Customer Support

During an important sales or conference call, the last thing you want to try and troubleshoot why your network keeps dropping or isn’t available.

Only do business with providers that offer 24/7 on-call customer support, so even if you’re closing a deal at 3am your time (and noon halfway across the globe), someone will be there to fix the issue and get you back in the thick of it quickly and efficiently.

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Mistakes to Avoid


Running on a Slow Network

Watch for Hidden Fees


Chris Stobing has been using, playing with and testing everything related to networks for over 6 years. His knowledge includes but isn't limited to routers (he's tested over 50 of these), computers (and built his own) and of course VoIP systems.

Chris has tested and experienced over 20 of today's top VoIP systems.

Chris Stobing | Small Business VoIP Expert

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