If you want a Bluetooth speaker that offers extra power and sound to really fill a room, this is the list for you. Here are the best Bluetooth speaker products for your parties, music sessions, and adventures.  And don’t forget to see our overall best Bluetooth speaker list.

1. Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom


Ultimate Ears cars about one thing: Great sound. This mini-pillar of a speaker will blast sound out in 360 degrees, ideal for putting on a desk, table or counter and filling the whole room with music. The wireless features extend to volume adjustment and taking phone calls with additional smartphone compatibility. Thanks to durability coatings, the Boom is also water and spill resistant, so don’t worry about using it in the kitchen or at a party. If one just isn’t enough sound for you, you can hook two Booms together to transmit the same sound.

You can buy the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom for $179.99


2. Beats Pill XL


The Beats Pill XL is one of the top Bluetooth speakers thanks to the improvements that it makes on traditional speaker features. The Pill (it’s pill-shaped, but please don’t try to swallow it) offers up to 15 hours of rechargeable battery life, and includes a visibility battery gauge that shows how much power you have left. The speaker also uses a lot of “tap” technology. Tap your phone onto the speaker to initiate the Bluetooth connection. Tap two of the Pill speakers together to connect both and stream the same music.

You can buy the Beats Pill XL for $269.95


3. Creative Sound Blaster Roar

Lifestyle_SB Roar_on Table-1200-80

The Roar is one of the Bluetooth speaker lines to use NFC technology to communicate with mobile devices with benefits like one-touch pairing. The shape is a little boxy, but inside this speaker houses five drivers and two amplifiers for impressive sound. It also offers a richer feature set than most wireless speakers, including an internal MP3 player of its own, a voice recorder, a siren, and several different listening modes depending on the mood.

You can buy the Creative Sound Blaster Roar for $149.99


4. SHARKK BoomBox NFC Speaker


The SHARKK 10W wireless speaker is a solid option with extra benefits for iPhone users, like Siri functionality for smooth voice controlss. The battery life is also commendable at 18 hours of playtime for each charge. There’s a “subwoofer” sound effect if you like extra emphasis on bass, a mic for taking phone calls, and a useful light sensor that illuminates the buttons automatically when the speaker is in a darker environment.

You can buy the SHARKK BoomBox for $63


5. Bose SoundLink Mini


Bose has quite a few high-quality speaker options, but the SoundLink Mini is undoubtedly one of the best Bluetooth speakers around. It offers high-fidelity sound with a weight at only 1.5 pounds, making it easy to tote around if you want to. There are also customizable covers available for protection and personalization. But with great sound and portability comes one downside: The battery life can only play for around 7 hours. To combat this issue, Bose offers multiple charging options, including a cradle, a plug, and a USB connection.

You can buy the Bose SoundLink Mini for $199


6. Jawbone Big Jambox


Jawbone offers two different types of Jambox, big and mini. The big version is ideal if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker less than $300 but with big sound that can work just as well for outdoor spaces like yards, patios and picnics as it can for indoor purposes. It’s quite a bit larger than many on this list, but the extra sound may be worth it. It also comes with a mic, LiveAudio soundboosting tech, and the ability to download apps and new content over time.

You can buy the Jawbone Big Jambox for $204.99


7. Sol Republic Punk


If your idea of a Bluetooth speaker is a little less bulky and a little more like something that you can carry around in a pack or even a pocket to enjoy sound, then the Punk may be more your kind of speaker. This little square offers 8 hours of battery life, can play music from up to 60 feet away, and comes in a variety of colors for personalization. It’s made to be taken on the road, with resistance to water, dust, and shock, plus a threaded mount for attaching it to a bike or a camera mount.

You can buy the Sol Republic Punk for $54.99


8. SoundBlock Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The SoundBlock is a couple years old for Bluetooth wireless speaker, but its fidelity remains high and those extra years have dropped the price down considerably, making this speaker much easier to afford for those on a budget. In addition to the usual Bluetooth features, the speaker also has a 3.5mm line in for listen to your headphones in a pinch. The 10 hours of playtime is a little low, however.

You can buy the SoundBlock for $49.95


9. Photive HYDRA


The Photive HYDRA isn’t nearly as evil as it sounds: The name is derived from this Bluetooth speaker’s ability to deal with the elements. Specifically, it is dustproof, shockproof, and very-extra-waterproof, with 100% protection against water for a limited amount of time, enough to use it in the shower or play it by the pool without worrying. It also has a passive subwoofer and two 40mm drivers, so that protection doesn’t come at the cost of sound quality.

You can buy the Photive HYDRA for $59.95


10. Braven BRV-X


If options like the HYDRA or Punk aren’t quite nature-resistant enough for you, you’ll love the BRV-X, which is designed for rough play. It uses a shockproof rubber exterior and has enough water resistance to withstand rain, sleet and snow with no problems. It also has an internal battery pack that can be used to recharge smartphones, as well as a noise-cancelling mic for receiving phone calls. If you want a speaker you can dump in your backpack and take on an adventure, this is the one.

You can buy the Braven BRV-X for $141

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  1. JBL charge is the best bluetooth speaker because it has good submergion deep bass you can connect multiple jbl speakers to it and make them all play at the same time and they are only like $168.

  2. No Aiwa Exos-9?????? In my experience with portable bluetooth speakers, the Exos-9 is by FAR the best. While it may be a little big and bulky for some people and their needs, if you are truly looking for a speaker that can dominate all other speakers of its price in sound quality, sound volume, and clarity, then you guys should definitely check out this bad boy. The thing is with speaker that most people don’t seem to know is that to get really good sound and bass you have to have a cabinet space for the sound to resonate, no offense to any of these on the list but they just simply don’t have the space necessary to develop the same level of sound that the Aiwa can. That being said, there really are some great speakers on here, especially for carrying with you or you can put in your backpack. But if you are looking for a damn nice speaker that can keep a party going inside or out, and still please those obnoxious audiophiles like myself….save yourself the regret and get the Aiwa (p.s: it’s under $300).

    *Also*: Occasionally at Sam’s Club they do deals where you can get the speaker, a carrying case, and a remote control for it all for $299.99. Check it out folks you won’t be disappointed, and no I’m not a spokesperson for them or anything just an amazed owner of one that can’t believe it didn’t make it on this list lol.

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