…and we’re back with more gaming News Fit To Print. This past week for games, was filled with highs and lows. Gamespy is dying. After decades of providing online matchmaking for scores of video games, the end is nigh for the company and the online connectivity for all the titles Gamespy supports. But hope springs eternal. Check that out down below. We also have an update on Titanfall DLC, discounts, more Watch_Dogs love. Speaking of Titanfall…  Make sure you checkout the premiere trailer for the next Call of Duty installment with Sledgehammer games spearheading development. It bares more than a passing resemblance to another futuristic shooter.

1. The Yearly Call of Duty Strikes (console/PC)

Exosuits, double jumps and hover-cycles… Oh my! Again this November, we will have another shiny new CoD game on store shelves. This one is called Advanced Warfare – originality be damned. Oh look and it features a CG rendered Kevin Spacey. So it must be good. It’s Kevin-effin-Spacey. Kev says people don’t want freedom. They want constraint, boundaries and discipline. You know the type that comes from getting a sci-fi-esque beatdown by men with guns and gadgets.

2. Tales From The Borderlands Transferable Loot (console/PC)

Telltale, the makers of the Walking Dead episodic game series and The Wolf Among us are turning their plot-driven sights on the Borderland mythos. Tales from the Borderlands is a new episodic series focusing more on character development and story than the shooting the Borderlands series is known for. But if you want another trip to Pandora Gearbox and Telltale aim to deliver. Plus loot found in the game will somehow be available in other Borderlands series. If this means current BL 1 and BL 2 or if found loot will be supported another unannounced title.

3. Oculus Vs. Zenimax

oculus john

The music group De La Soul once sang, If money makes a man strange… We got to rearrange what makes the world go around. That’s so horribly true. Famed company Oculus was acquired by Facebook to the tune of $2 billion. But it wasn’t until the acquisition did gaming giant ZeniMax stick it’s hand out in a hope to claim some of that cheese. In a virtual nutshell… ZeniMax alleges that Oculus is using technology developed by John Carmack while Carmack was still at ZeniMax. You can read the accusations here.

The entertaining part is Oculus’s response.

  • There is not a line of Zenimax code or any of its technology in any Oculus products.
  • John Carmack did not take any intellectual property from ZeniMax.
  • ZeniMax has misstated the purposes and language of the ZeniMax non-disclosure agreement that Palmer Luckey signed.
  • A key reason that John permanently left ZeniMax in August of 2013 was that ZeniMax prevented John from working on VR, and stopped investing in VR games across the company.
  • ZeniMax canceled VR support for Doom 3 BFG when Oculus refused ZeniMax’s demands for a non-dilutable equity stake in Oculus.
  • ZeniMax did not pursue claims against Oculus for IP or technology, ZeniMax has never contributed any IP or technology to Oculus, and only after the Facebook deal was announced has ZeniMax now made these claims through its lawyers.
  • Despite the fact that the full source code for the Oculus SDK is available online (developer.oculusvr.com), ZeniMax has never identified any ‘stolen’ code or technology.

4. Titanfall: Expedition DLC Coming This Month (console/PC)

Titanfall expedition

Here’s a screenshot featuring “Swamplands” one of the three new maps coming to the game via the Expedition DLC set to launch later this month. The maps pack DLC will also include “Runoff ” a map constructed for multiple level play and “War Games”, which is like a virtual reality simulator designed for parkour-hungry pilots.

5. Gamespy’s Demise Breathes New Life Into GameRanger (console/PC)

Gamespy is no more. It’s true… Well it will be, come May 31st. The online matchmaking specialist is retiring for good. This leaves many of the games using Gamespy without a home and many gamers without a pastime. Should we venture outside for some foreign but warm solar radiance? Hell no! Gameranger to the rescue. Halo Combat Evolved and Star Wars Battlefront II — formerly GameSpy supported — are also supported by Gameranger along with many many others. Keep a look out to see which other games Gameranger will pick up. Shun the Sun and get back to gaming. Donwload the GameRanger client here.

6. WildStar Open Beta Event (PC)

wildstar beta event

May 8th to the 18th is the 10 day window for the upcoming WildStar Beta. Details for how to participate in this madcap subscription based/free-2-play MMO are outlined here.

7. Be Iron Man With Oculus and Kinect

8. Game Deals Going On NOW (console/PC)


Elder Scrolls Online – $39.99

Watch Dogs – As low as $46. That and more deals here.

Titanfall and Season Pass deals as low as $20. Check here.

Battlefield 4 – $29.99 (PC only). See here.

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