foosball table

The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is so genius that it can be used in either your man cave or living room (that is if you’re a bachelor, cause we highly doubt any lady will want to add this to their decor). Its rich solid hardwoods blend into any environment and its elegant frame is fit for any setting. It’ll definitely be a conversation piece in your home, not to mention your favorite piece of furniture ever. Made with quality, fine furniture-grade craftsmanship, the table comes with attractive accents and detailing, making it the perfect coffee table for any foosball enthusiast.

There’s a red and blue team built-in to the table, with each controlled from each side by three separate wooden handles. The footballs are easily returned to users through a stainless steel ball return and then are put back into play via slots on either side of the table. Score is kept with a wooden scoring bead that’s located at either end. And since the game is enclosed with a top of glass, you can place drinks on top during gameplay. The bottom shelf is perfect for storing away books, magazines and other decor. And its sale price of $469.15 (down from $599) makes it a great score!

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Kristie Bertucci

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