La Fonction No 1 Bag Is A Mobile Workstation

The La Fonction No 1 is more than a bag that protects your computer while you’re on the go! The beautifully crafted leather bag opens up to transform itself into a mobile workstation that will protect your screen from reflections (and other nosy people around you at the coffee shop), in addition to featuring several pockets and partitions so that you can carry all your essential tools for when you need to work anywhere.

La Fonction No 1 Bag 1

You’ll be able to bust out your work and make your deadlines while on the subway, out at the park or anywhere by just opening up your leather carrying case. Just Think of it as your mobile office! Its made in a leather-goodsworkshop in the CĂ©vennes region of France and evokes the luxury of high-quality workmanship. Not only is it crafted from the finest leather, but it also features the very best quality fabric that’s elegantly trimmed, with its complex assembly requires several days of craftsmanship. Each model is produced as if it were unique.The comfortable and private workstation is more than convenient – it’s also pretty darn expensive, selling for $1,135.

La Fonction No 1 Bag

Kristie Bertucci

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