AOC I2367fh 23-inch LED Monitor Review

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I2367fh 23-inch LED Monitor main
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Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture.

4 Comments to AOC I2367fh 23-inch LED Monitor Review

  1. I bought two of these monitors to use side by side. They’re awful. I took one back to Best Buy to exchange for another because I saw very light “stripes” on the screen. Now the other monitor has suddenly lost it’s brightness. I’ve been screwing around with the buttons on the back of the monitor for a half hour and can’t figure out how to move the arrow down to the second row so I can adjust the brightness. Very nice looking monitor but user-unfriendly and a giant time-waster.

  2. Crap review !!
    1080p is nothing special these days, it does have a visible border around the screen unlike the sales image you have used.
    A lazy writer who has gone for copy & paste from a press release!

  3. I have this monitor, and it’s a beautiful thing. But as Tom says, the bezel isn’t virtually borderless – there is about a cm border around the top, left and right sides.

  4. Please remove “Virtually borderless” from the “Pros”. This description only applies when the monitor is left switched off.

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