Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV Review

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Sony HX750 TV
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13 Comments to Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV Review

  1. Hi,

    I have “KDL-40HX750 TV” and “Sony xperia Z” Mobile, as wifi internet connection.

    I would like to through the out of mobile to TV

    01. I am able through images and videos stored in my mobile

    02. I would like to through youtube video to TV

    (through media remote i dont want to as it is very slow)

    When I am accessing youtube it is giving me the option but i am unable to pair

    the device as it is asking some code.

    Please help me the share some video

    * How to through youtuble video to TV

    * How to configure wifi-Direct and get rid of wires

    (How to configure home network for tv,itnernt and mobile)

  2. C V satyanarayana

    Hello, I have recently purchased this TV with lots of expectations because I had lot of musiv and videos on my 1TB hard disc. To my utter dismay, I noticed that the TV is not sensing the disc. Later, I was told that it detects only upto 32GB pen drives only. Strange! Especially, in this era of high capacity hard discs freely available. I have to now purchase a 32 GB pendrive to copy from my 1TB HD and watch/listen in my Highend TV. Also, I noticed taht this does not recognize .mkv files.I have to find a converter now.

    These two facilities are available in Samsung 40″ LCD. I presumed that they would be automatically available in Sony too. I was mistaken and disappointed!!!

    Somebody let me know if I am wrong, I will be delighted!!!

    • Your hard drive must be NTFS file system formatted. You can try formatting your hard drive to FAT32. This should help.

    • The problem is your HDD may be NTFS formatted sony will detect only FAT32 HDD, even I had same problem , we may have to dedicate the FAT32 HDD for this :).

    • In general the “smoothness” effect tied in with a higher Hz is more evident as the screen size increases. At the 42″ mark, 240Hz will work fine on a Sony set — especially since it’s coupled with other technologies directed at image presentation (as are other makes).

  3. ha ha ha……its like a joke…….i mean samsung has same features and offers a free blu ray player and 3d glasses included……….so why not try it????????????

  4. as far as I know, this has been a much awaited TV from Sony’s stable. The festures say that Sony has put everything extra in this Tv. Looks nice as per features – 3D, motionflow, xreality and internet, will be checking this soon in sony store. And the goof news. it has been launched in India and almost all tech forums were filled with its discussions. Thanks for these details

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